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St. James Park is located in central London,
just a short stroll from Westminster Abbey.
It's one of the eight Royal Parks of London.
Once a private hunting ground for the Royal family,
it's now open for all to enjoy,
and is a favourite meeting place for many locals
who come here to stroll among the trees and celebrate nature.
The park covers around 60 acres and is open daily from 5am 'til midnight.
If the weather is chilly there are plenty of places to warm up with a hot drink,
but on a warm day the sprawling grounds are perfect
for catching some rays and enjoying the sunshine.
The lake has two small islands and attracts not only human visitors
but a vast array of birdlife as well.
The Mall runs along the northern end of the park
and connects nearby Buckingham Palace and Admiralty Arch.
Sitting right in the middle of one of the world's greatest cities,
St. James Park offers a welcome escape from the busy streets of central London.
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St James - City Video Guide

572 Folder Collection
Eric Wang published on October 15, 2017
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