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  • MARLON GRENNAN: What’s going on there man?

  • Bath time with dad. Oh, the head goes back. And he knows what he’s doing. Still swimming, buddy?

  • COMM: At Dark Dynasty K9s, world-famous giant

  • pit bull Hulk has just fathered another litter of puppies. And at just four and a half weeks

  • old, it’s time for these future protection dogs to be introduced to the water by their

  • owners, Marlon and Lisa Grennan. First they break the puppies in gently.

  • MARLON GRENNAN: Oh the head goes back. Oh my God!

  • COMM: Then it’s time to take to the bath.

  • MARLON GRENNAN: So, we are doing now as we

  • are teaching the puppy actually how to swim, teaching him about water. So, I’ll just

  • put him in there and you see, he picks up his feet. You can see how he starts to kick his feet,

  • starts to kick, and that’s what I want. And later he learns how to swim. He has figured it out.

  • When I will actually put him down. Now don’t drink the water, bud. Alright! Good job.

  • COMM: Marlon wants his dogs to be comfortable

  • in any environment, and he expects all of them to be strong swimmers by the age of 3

  • months.

  • MARLON GRENNAN: Here I am, right with him.

  • Come on! Good job, pal!

  • MARLON GRENNAN: So it’s really important

  • that puppies understand water at this age and they are not afraid of water. So I like

  • to introduce my puppies to the water. These puppies are about, he is just about four and

  • a half weeks old right now, and this is how I let them float and I, you know, I will see

  • him and let him go but I am right here. So he is balanced, he’s steady, he knows what

  • he’s doing. He’s done a nice good powerful stokes. And he gets out, he is little bit

  • hyped up when he’s out. He is still kicking. He still thinks he is swimming. But he’s

  • learning. It’s a little Hulk baby right here. Little Hulk baby.

  • COMM: With swimming lessons over, it’s time

  • to dry off, and even though he is not been the one exerting himself, Hulk seems the most

  • worn out.

MARLON GRENNAN: What’s going on there man?

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