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There are always audiences asking me about
the way I draw those characters in my video.

And requesting for a tutorial video about drawing.
I believe no one would like to watch a drawing tutorial...
as it's quite academic...
No one would be interested in academic stuff in fact!
the audiences keep on asking for it
and are interested in the method of
drawing them in computers

Since everyone has a passion for art,
I decide to make a video about
the method I use in drawing.
Hi everybody, I'm Sunny!
For drawing,
I've been drawing for years,
even till now...
I've been dreaming for being a painter!
But I have no idea why it ends up with...
Uploading new videos on every
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday...

Having live broadcast here in free time...
Being teased by audiences...
Imitating how the dogs bark...
As I found those pictures in my live broadcast
are about to be changed...
Since I have to draw new ones anyway,
let me make a video to tell you
how I draw normally!
When talking about the programme used for drawing,
I am using Adobe Illustrator.
There are also people using photoshop
or other softwares...

But I don't use them.
I mainly use Illustrator for my drawings.
First of all,
we have to create a draft.
For this time, we will draw a person.
So we have to draw a human body first.
After drawing a human body,
we have to add some details on it.
Let's draw a pair of eyes for him,
followed by a mouth.
Right! That's right!
After the above steps,
let's embellish it a bit.
let's adjust the positions of those lines.
This doesn't align with others.
The mouth distorted a bit...
Let's move it leftwards slightly...
After the arrangement,
it's done!
After the arrangement,
it turns into this way!
It's really attractive!
I think!
Great! It's all for today...
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Please HOLD ON!!!
I'm joking...
Am I humorous?
First of all,
we need to create a draft.
I have already drafted on a paper!
we use the 'Pen' tool for tracing.
[First, scan the draft to the PC]

[Then, trace the draft by 'Pen' tool]
Trace the lines first.
We don't have to do other things besides tracing.
(Pink lines are used as Pink is more apparent)

When the tracing is almost done,
we can embellish it slightly...
[Arranging the lines' positions after tracing]

To make it as what you expect.
Maybe moving the lines a bit...
Or changing the scale of the lines...
After changing the lines into black,
we can fill the areas with colours.
As what you see,
this character basically
has lines on wrong layers.
The neck of it is hidden by the clothes in front.
The hands are incorrect...
And so on...
I'm gonna make arrangements afterwards,
so please don't be worried.
Here is a thick line surrounding it..
Imitating a shadow of it...
Let's turn it into purple!
Great! Here is the final product!!!

Here is the picture!
Great! That's it for today!
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Please tell your friend how I draw my characters!

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New videos are available on
every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday!

That's it!

Improvements are still needed...
So I'm still modifying gradually...
I hope all of you will appreciate it!
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402 Folder Collection
xrlee99 published on October 15, 2017
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