B2 High-Intermediate US 510 Folder Collection
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Hi, uh... I ordered a McChicken.
Uh, this is a Filet-o-fish.
So, could I get a McChicken instead of this Filet-o-fish?
Of course.
There you go, now it's chicken.
Every McDonald's Ever
Hey. What can I get for a dollar?
That's it?
Oh. Almost forgot your soft-serve.
What can I get ya?
Could I get some cold-ass fries?
Uh... yeah, can I get a spicy McChicken sandwich?
Is the soft serve working?
You must be new.
Hey, uh... could I get a medium fry?
Um... what?
(sigh) Okay, man. I got this.
Friggin amateur. Alright...
(Still mumbling.....)
(laughs) What? Dude, she's a riot!
(thank you)
(bye bye~)
Could I get EXTRA extra salt?
Um... what does the Shamrock shake taste like?
No, like what's the flavor?
No, like vanilla shakes taste like vanilla and chocolate shakes taste like chocolate, so like what's the Shamrock shake taste like?
Yeah, um...
I would like the coffee boiling-lava-hot.
One chicken sandwich.
Um... can I just get a salad?
Hahaha! Good one.
Uh... what's in the new low calorie quarter pounder with cheese?
Well, we took out the cheese and onions.
Then we replace the quarter pound beef patty with a zero pound beef patty.
And we replace the bun with air.
So it's just pickles?
Pickle. A no sodium, no vinegar pickle.
Isn't that just a cucumber?
Correct. And it's only fifteen hundred calories.
Hmmm, okay. Healthy. I'll take five, please.
Another kid peed in the ball pit.
Alright people, we need a spokesperson, uh... a mascot!
I got it! How about a clown that sells burgers?
I'm loving it.
And an escaped convict who steals the burgers?
I'm loving it!
And a bunch of kids who look like fries! Fry kids!
...loving it...
And a big purple blob named Grimace.
Woah! Isn't Grimace the thing you do when you're in pain? Not loving it.
Uh... my uncle needs a job and he makes puppets.
Eh, why not? I'm loving it!
(shouting McDonalds jingle)
Is Pennywise their mascot?
So good.
Every McDonald's Ever.
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510 Folder Collection
Steven published on October 15, 2017
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