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  • Wow. This is great. Love the wallpaper.

  • VeryHomosexual Zebra”.

  • Youre just gonna watch, huh?

  • Pervy little possums.

  • Hey there Mista. I was afraid I had the wrong room.

  • I’m sorry, do I know you?

  • You should. Youre the one that swiped right.

  • Alright. Elephant in the room.

  • You look nothing like your pictures on Tinder.

  • Yeah, well, I like to dress up. You don’t like what you see?

  • I get it, you escaped from the circus again.

  • Cute. Sadly, I don’t have a clown fetish...

  • You don’t have to be a jerk!

  • ...Let me finish.

  • But I kinda like whatever this is youve got going on.

  • Get over here.

  • Oooo, I like it when you get all bossy.

  • I have been told that I have excellent managerial skills.

  • Is that right? Well, I’ve been a very bad girl, boss man...

  • Whataya gonna do about it?

  • Uh, verbal warning? Were talking first offence, right?

  • No, verbal warning ain’t gonna cut it. Maybe you should spank me!

  • Well, that seems like overkill.

  • You could choke me!

  • Spanking was too far, so you move to choking?

  • Although, the thought of hurting you is growing more enticing by the moment.

  • Hey, I know what I want. And youre gonna give it to me.

  • Yeah, I want it too!

  • Oh, wow. Fuck-tard's still here.

  • Awwww.

  • Alright kiddies, cover your eyes.

  • Things are about to get hairy.

Wow. This is great. Love the wallpaper.

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B2 US verbal warning homosexual bossy oooo bad girl

Cartoon Hook-Ups: Deadpool and Harley

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    Jessica Lin posted on 2017/10/14
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