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  • (ringing)

  • Hello?

  • Do you like scary movies?

  • No, I'm more of a romantic comedy type person

  • Why

  • There are certain rules

  • that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie

  • Rule #1: Have parents that care about you.

  • Mom, Dad, can I go to a party- uh I mean, spend the night at a friends house tonight?

  • Ha! Stupid child, you're not leaving this house.

  • There's a masked murderer on the loose.

  • You never let me do anything!

  • Rule #2: Don't date crazy a-holes.

  • Come on, Sid.

  • I know someone just tried to kill you and all

  • but why won't you do it with me?

  • Because, Billy.

  • I'm not a slut that just puts out all the time

  • So....

  • you're saying you're not like your mom?

  • What?!?

  • Nothing. Stabs, stubby stab.

  • Rule #3:

  • If you are being attacked inside a house that is filled

  • with people, who are your friends..

  • you should call out for their help.

  • AHhhhhhhh! Help me! I'm trapped in the garage with the killer!

  • Hey you! Get him man!! Ahh!

  • Help me! I'm trapped upstairs with the killer!

  • What? Let's get him!

  • Hey.. someone help me.. I'm trapped at school with the killer.

  • Aw man.. Ahhhhh!!

  • Rule #4:

  • If friends aren't available, do more than just run.

  • If you know the killer off his feet because he's wearing a ridiculous costume

  • with terrible visibility,

  • You have the upper hand.

  • Don't keep running away.

  • Take that sucker out!

  • Kick him in the throat! Do something!

  • The dude is going to kill you.

  • Rule #5:

  • Don't live where the police and investigative reporters are terrible at their jobs.

  • Let's never ever, ever, ever, ever break up.

  • ever, ever, ever, ever, ever.

  • Which brings me to rule #6:

  • 911 and star 69.

  • I have a question

  • Yea, you in the hat..

  • What do you do if the killer attacks you inside your dreams?

  • Well that's something entirely different. If that happens you j-- OH NO!

  • Oh yes! Hahaha

  • Run everybody run! Forget the rules all you can do is run!

  • You're mine now!

  • Hahahahaha


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