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  • (Adam) In 1798, after Napoleon invaded Egypt,

  • he went totally gaga for the ancient kingdoms.

  • He brought in scholars to document their findings

  • and they helped themselves to whatever they wanted,

  • even returning to France with a severed mummy head

  • for Napoleon's wife.

  • (Napoleon) Oh, Josephine will love this.

  • When images of the findings reached Europe,

  • scholars went cuckoo for these corpses.

  • And over the next century, hundreds of rich Europeans

  • started excavating Egyptian cultural sites like crazy,

  • pilfering thousands of priceless treasures.

  • Check out this sexy-ass statue.

  • I'm gonna put it next to my toilet.

  • (Ms. Dazzle gasps)

  • It gets worse.

  • Rich Europeans even held mummy parties

  • where they unwrapped the ancient remains

  • as a party game.

  • Last person to unwrap the mummy

  • has to grind it up and snort it.

  • Oh, fish sticks. This is very disturbing.

  • But what does it have to do with King Tut.

  • A lot, actually.

  • Because this Egyptomania fad led to the excavation

  • of over 30 pharaohs' tombs.

  • Except for one, the tomb of Tutankhamun.

  • Tut was so unimportant that his tomb

  • was pretty much ignored by grave robbers.

  • That's why, when Howard Carter uncovered it in 1922,

  • it was so well-preserved,

  • that over 5,000 separate items were found inside.

  • (panting)

  • I was in there for thousands of years.

  • Why did no one come back for me?

  • Why didn't I die?

  • The discovery of the tomb made international headlines.

  • But not because Tut was historically significant.

  • It was because of that ancient Egyptian bling.

(Adam) In 1798, after Napoleon invaded Egypt,

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