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Hello everyone, and welcome back to English with Lucy.
Today, I've got a really exciting video.
This video is going to be about 10 ways in which
you can express excitement in English.
I'm really, really excited because I'm going to Madrid
next week, my old hometown,
the place where I did my Erasmus.
I went to Universidad Complutense de Madrid,
and I am the official host
for Pangea Platforms Unleash 2017,
which is a huge celebration of young talent.
We've been having the final meetings.
I am so excited, and it's going to be my first time ever
presenting and hosting a big event,
so I'm really nervous, but really, really excited.
If you want to read anything about it,
find out some more information, I've got the links
to all of their social media and their website down below.
I'm counting down the days,
and I will be spending a little bit of extra time
in Madrid afterwards.
I'll be there 'til the 27th.
So if you're in Madrid at any point
between the 19th and the 27th of September,
and you see a confused-looking blonde girl
walking aimlessly down the street,
maybe say hello, 'cause it could be me.
So this lesson is going to be a really good boost
for your vocabulary.
It's all about ways in which you can express
feeling really, really excited or happy about something.
Let's get started.
Number one is "I can't wait!"
"I can't wait!"
"I can't wait" but when I say it quickly, I say,
"I can't wait. I can't wait."
so I almost used a glottal stop in between.
"I can't wait. I can't wait."
So I can't wait, you could say, "I can't wait
"to present the event," or, "I can't wait for Unleash."
If you want more information about when to use "to"
and when to use "for", I have done a video all about it.
You can click up here.
The next one, "to be counting down the days."
I am counting down the days.
I am so excited.
I want this week to be over so next week can begin.
That's a really, really lovely phrase to use.
If someone says, "Are you excited to see me?"
you can say, "Oh, I'm counting down the days.
"I cannot wait to see you."
The next one, "to be looking forward to",
or to be looking forward to doing something.
We used the -ing verb there.
I am looking forward to presenting my first ever event.
I am looking forward to my trip to Madrid.
Be careful.
You might hear the mistake,
I'm looking forward to do something.
It's "I'm looking forward to doing something."
That's a very common mistake there,
so make sure you avoid it.
The next one is really similar,
but it's a bit more slang.
It's a bit more informal.
It's "to be dying to do something."
Notice how it's not "dying to doing,"
it's just "dying to do."
So you look forward to doing something,
but you are dying to do something.
So I am dying to see my old friends.
I am dying to meet everybody at Unleash.
The next one is one I've mentioned in a video before.
The phrase is "to be buzzing," "to be buzzing,"
and this just means you're so excited.
You feel so many positive emotions.
You're so enthusiastic about something.
And I mentioned it in my Top Five Happy Expressions video,
which you can watch up here,
and that video was quite popular,
and I think a reason why is because you can see
that I'm really, really, really happy in that video,
and I'm gonna tell you a little English with Lucy secret.
I filmed that video after my first date
with my current boyfriend,
and I was really, really happy and excited,
so I filmed that video.
And a lot of people commented underneath like,
"Ah, Lucy's so happy. Has she taken drugs?
"Is she drunk? Is she in love?"
And well, I don't know if I can say I was in love
at that point, but I was certainly buzzing,
so I just thought you guys might like to know that,
a little explanation when you look back.
So if you want to see me really, really happy,
go and check out the Top Five Happy Expressions video,
and see for yourself how buzzing I was.
Another phrase that's quite similar to "to be buzzing,"
is "to be pumped," and "pumped" is a little bit more like
you're ready to go, you want to begin,
you're full of motivation and energy.
So before Unleash, I'm going to be feeling really pumped,
like, "Yes, let's go. Let's begin."
You're really ready to start something.
Now the next three are alternative ways of saying,
"to be excited," because using the same word
over and over again can be quite boring,
and it can be quite repetitive,
especially if you're doing a writing exam,
and you want to find different ways of saying things.
So I've got three alternatives.
They're not always exact matches, but they're near enough.
So the first one is "to be thrilled."
This means to be really, really happy.
But if I say, "I am so excited to announce
"that I'm the presenter," I could also say,
"I'm so thrilled to announce," "I'm so happy to announce
that I'm the presenter."
You can also say, "elated."
I am so elated to announce that I'm the presenter
or also "delighted."
I am delighted to announce.
So those are three really nice alternatives,
if you don't repeat "excited" and "really happy"
over and over and over again.
That will help you expand your vocabulary a little bit.
The last one relates a little bit to "to be pumped,"
and this one is "to be fired up and ready to go."
Imagine before a race, all the athletes are there,
they're moving, they're really, they just want to run,
and that's "to be fired up and ready to go."
The motivation's there.
You just want to get started.
So, those are your 10 ways
of expressing excitement in English.
I hope you can see how excited I am.
I've decided to make a whole video about being excited.
If you want to learn more about the event,
which is an incredible event, you can have a look
at the Unleash video that I made a while back,
announcing my participation in the event.
You can click up there,
and you can also check out their social media
and their event pages.
Applications are now closed for this year,
but if it seems like something you'd want to be involved in,
you can always look for next year if they do it again.
And to anyone who is attending Unleash,
I am so excited to meet you.
I really, really am.
Please leave in a comment
because I can't wait to meet you.
Now, not everyone's going to be my subscriber,
but I've never really met subscribers before.
I've met a couple.
So that's something else that I'm really buzzing about.
Anyway, guys, that's it for today's lesson.
I hope you enjoyed it.
I hope you learned something.
Don't forget to connect with me on all of my social media.
I've got my Facebook, my Instagram, and my Twitter,
and I will see you soon for another lesson.
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10 ways to say you are EXCITED in English | English Vocabulary Lesson

1234 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on October 8, 2017
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