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Senate committee will now hear from Jacob Lawson, Climate ISS Chief Coordinator,
may the record reflect that he was nearly one hour late.
Yeah, sorry about that. I literally had to fly in from outer space.
Thanks to a system of satellites, natural disasters have become a thing of the past.
We can control our weather.
Mister President, one of our thermospherics satellites malfunctioned over Afghanistan.
So your proposal is what?
We shut down all satellites.
I don't need to remind all of you how many people died from catastrophic climate conditions.
Make sure there's no further incidents.
Are you going back up to space?
But I'm coming back. I promise!
Have a safe trip, sir. Just... don't touch anything.
Main engine start.
This is Mister Jake Lawson.
THE Jacob Lawson?
You look much older than I would have thought.
I mean... you look... good.
Am I getting fired?
My access has been blocked.
If a satellite has a bad comm, that happens.
Not A satellite, ALL of them.
This wasn't a malfunction. It was intentional.
There is a potential for catastrophic weather events on a global scale.
A geostorm!
We have to shut the system down.
The only one who has the kill codes is the president.
I need your help.
You're soliciting a secret service agent...
Seriously, we're kidnapping the president in a self-driving cab?
Jake, if you can't stop it, no one can.
Come on, baby!
You realize you're committing treason.
Treason! Oh, yeah, I kidnapped the president, I've stolen state secrets. Yeah, I don't think I'm forgetting, honey?
Hold on...
Marry her.
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Geostorm Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

10566 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on October 26, 2017    Su Kids translated    林恩立 reviewed
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