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We have to be ready.
You, me, the others.
There's an attack coming from far away
"Not coming Bruce." "Stark." "It's already here."
The others. Where are they? Arthur Curry,
the Aquaman.
"It's on him." "Organic and biomechatronics body parts"
"He's a cyborg." "You should probably move."
Barry Allen
whoever you're looking for, it's not me
You are the Batman?
They said the Age of Heroes would never come again.
It has to.
"What are your superpowers again?" "I'm rich"
"My turn."
shall we?
It's good to see you playing well with others again.
Dressed like a bat. I dig it.
Maybe temporary.
"Oh, it's definitely the end times." "Well, they're gonna show up again."
The risk is far greater if we do nothing
Look, we need to make some calls.
You think this is funny?
No. This's probably not, right? This is very terrible.
I have an equation.
"Our very strength invites challenge,
challenge incites conflict" "Boom." "This is awesome."
I'm gonna make some tea.
We are the Avengers, how are you guys planning on beating them?
I never lose.
and we will do that together, too.
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The Avengers react to Justice League Trailer

14873 Folder Collection
林恩立 published on October 17, 2017    林恩立 translated    jenny reviewed
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