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Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 1. Here we go.
very good. very good.
you are what? 11 years old?
you are 11? oh, playing this piece.
pretty cool. i started when I was 13.
You are two years ahead.
I think, can you take off your jacket?
Thank you. It's easier to watch. by the way, it's a very nice jacket.
I have one almost the same. You played very well.
only a few things that ... Let's talk a little bit about the sound. all
right? the sound.
can you play the chords again? the last few chords?
can you make sure that you play
a little
bit you push a little bit energy you use more energy on your top note. so basically it's
I like the way you play very solid, but a little highlight a little bit.
yeah that chord
very good. here.
can you make it more ..
like a harp
no no no
1 2 bang bang bang
sound a little bit more
that's good
you have huge hands. huge hands
hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on
space grand fields
very good very good excellent you are guru
excellent I remember Russa is a big country.
very big country. all right when you played dadada
that's like excellent but don't play too loud you know. you have
right? three times louder each time
hold on di da da that's kind of staccato(?)
so you need to be totally seperate one more time. it's good but not clean.
breath breath two problems
one, you finger, your technique more precise i show you
the moment you played is like this it's kind of like cleaning the keyboard
just joking, don't take it seriously
so don't clean it another way not clean the keys is that your
peddle you need to change every unit.
don't play don' change one more time
play really slow like da da da when you practice it, you need to practices
this speed. don't play too fast.
specially, your left hand you see the shape of that
look my hand don't play
all right the last two notes
one more time one more time it's very important
so now let's do more big chords to from there
the biginng is pretty good but here your hands have some problems
first of all when playing chords, you need to be very steady
on the keys on the keys, all right, don't play
only left hand see, your middle voice is
the problem see, these two
ok try it take here
be carefull. don't break your hand, all right difficult stuff
culture of Tchaikovsky one more time
slow, both hands same thing here, all right
that's it now I hear really solid sound
you are good you are really good
I know you are even better the Thomas train you know the famous train
don't rush when you practice you need to be more precise
since it's very difficult piece seriously I mean
not many 11 years old can play this so it's big achievement
don't you know kill yourself so pratice slow
all right make sure you get everything you hear
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Lang Lang Thomas Chan Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto NO 1

234 Folder Collection
夢想家 published on September 29, 2017
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