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- Hi, I'm Ashley Weston.
I'm a celebrity menswear stylist.
So today I am joined by my fiance, Dorian.
- Hello, hello.
- So the last video we did together,
we talked about seven
great conversation starters

and we got pretty much
an overwhelming response

from you guys out there to do a video
about how to get out of a conversation.
It's so hard.
- You struggle with this.
- There is an art to ending a conversation
because the goal is to end it gracefully
and you don't want to leave them
with a kind of a bothered feeling.
- I believe it's called a
bad taste in your mouth.

- Yes, number one on the list.
So, this is actually, I don't know why
I can never think to do this,
but it actually really works.
It's so great and then it is when
you're having a conversation
with that person

and then you're like, hey, it
was really great meeting you.

Or it was really great chatting with you.
Done, instant conversation ender
and it's on a pleasant note.
- Yeah, it definitely, like if you
can feel a lull in the conversation
and you get into like the,
so, and you can see the
person kinda looking around,

it's like, okay, time to get out.
As they say with a good joke too,
go out on a high note.
So, you just say, hey, so it
was really nice to meet you.

Hopefully, we'll run into each other again
or if you need to connect after that.
But I also use this one
as the nuclear option

when someone is just talking to you
and is just like, blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah

and you literally can't
get a word in edgewise,

then I literally just like,
hey, so it was really nice to meet you.
Have a great rest of your day.
And then I just bail, 'cause at that point
it's just, it's not gonna go well
and then you're just gonna keep getting
stuck in that conversation
so I'll definitely thrust
that one out there, too

and there is no, I've never had a talker
continue on after that point
'cause it's just like boom.
Like, I'm done.
- So this is gonna work in every situation
and will gracefully get you
out of that conversation.

You're done.
- Or its a blunt instrument.
- Yeah.
This next point kinda just builds off
of the first conversation
ender we talked about.

So, it's when you just say, you know what?
I'm gonna go say hi to the host.
It was really great to meet you.
Or it was really great catching up.
- Yeah, I think the number one point
can always be added to the end
of all the other points after this
because it's just a nice
way to end a conversation,

but you gotta find that
point to be like, hey,

there's my exit point.
Hey, so I'm gonna go
say hello to the host.

I just saw them walk in
or I just saw them.
I haven't seen them this
whole party or whatever.

So it was great to meet you.
Take care and then done, you're out.
So it's an excuse to get
out of the conversation

as opposed to just like, hey,
it was super nice to meet you
where it's like an indicator
like this is clearly over

regardless of what
you're going to say next.

So it's a good one.
- The next conversation ender
is I think it can be a little tough to do,
for myself anyway, but it's when you say
oh, so have you met so and so
and you grab a person, like grab a friend.
- So, if I'm trying to mess
with someone a little bit,

not the person I'm having
a conversation with,

like maybe I just want to
get out of that conversation

and I see a buddy of mine walking by
and I know they can handle themselves
in a conversation, I'll be like,
oh my gosh, have you met so and so?
And I'll literally grab my buddy
and just drag him in and he's like
and then I'll introduce them
and I'll be like, so,
I'm gonna go grab a drink

or hit the bathroom and
then I just leave my buddy

to kinda flounder and then I get a kick
out of literally just standing around
and like watching them like trying
to figure each other out,
like why they're introduced.

- That's so weird.
- Bit of a dick move.
- Well, not, I mean to you--
- It can be.
- To your friend, but not necessarily
to the person you're talking with.
- If you see someone who's
relevant to the conversation

or something like that
or someone you can tell

is just kinda wandering
around and they're looking

for a place, it's always a very nice thing
so it can be a nice thing, too,
to grab someone and introduce
them to the conversation

and the person you're talking to.
And then it gives you an opportunity
to kinda bow out as well.
- Yeah, no, I totally agree with that
because I know a lot of times
I'll be in a conversation with someone
and then they'll be like, okay,
well, I'm gonna go.
It was great talking with you
and then I'm there by myself and I'm like,
shit, I don't have anyone else to talk to.
So it's nice actually when that person
that you're talking to introduces you
to another person to kinda continue
the flow and all of that good stuff.
So the firth.
So the fourth way of ending a conversation
is by saying, hey, I'm
gonna go grab a drink

or I'm gonna go grab some food,
but it was really great chatting with you.
- Yeah, so I like that one a lot.
It's a very easy exit.
You can also throw in, excuse me,
I've gotta use the restroom
and then anytime I've ever done that
or anyone else has ever done that,
you basically won't circle
back with that person.

You'll be like, okay, I'm done.
So anyway.
Unless you're super
excited to get chatting

with them again.
But yeah, it's a great
like, not offensive way

to exit a conversation and it works.
- Before we get into the last
and final conversation ender,
I actually have a question for you.
So, I've definitely been in a situation
where it's a seated dinner
and maybe I don't know everyone around me
and there's the person next to me
that is just chatting my ear off,
but I also want to be able to talk
to the other people around me,
how do you get out of
that kind of conversation

because they're literally right there
and just talking to you.
So, I always, like I
was just two weeks ago

at a dinner party and this happened to me
and I was trying to think
of ways to get out of it
'cause I'm like, dude, I
wanna meet other people, too.

- It's a tough one.
When you're in like, when
you have like a captive

audience where you literally can't move,
there's two ways to go about that one.
You can use kind of the earlier point
which is, excuse me for a second,
and when you're at a table,
you don't need to say I
need to use the restroom.

You just say excuse me for a second,
then you go and it's kind of implied
you're going to use the restroom.
And at least it gives you a reprieve
and then they can kind of reset
and then they'll probably look
for other people around them to talk to.
So you literally pull yourself
out of the conversation and then
you walk back in and then
I would start talking to
the other people around me.

Or, if that's not possible,
for whatever reason,

then you say, hey, in the conversation
you're kinda stuck in with this person,
you're like, hey, have
you talked to so and so

across the table?
They're like, no I haven't.
Well, let's see what,
it sounds like they're
saying something interesting.

Let's hear what, let's get in this one.
And then they'll usually
come along with you.

So those are the two ways
that I use when I'm at a dinner party
and I'm kind of, you're literally like
stuck next to that person.
- So, let's get into the
last and final point.

You gotta be careful
about when you use this,

but it's, you know, you're
talking to the person

and then a phantom vibration
of the phone happens

and you're like, oh, you
know, I gotta get this.

It was really great chatting with you.
And then you excuse yourself and leave.
I've never done that.
- It might be harder for women
because you have a purse.
- Yeah.
- But if you have your phone in your hand
or something like that.
I always have my phone on vibrate
so no one's gonna hear
the buzzing anyways.

So I've definitely done it before.
It's a bit of a risky one,
but, you know, I've definitely been like,
oh, I'll do the motion
and I'll pull out my phone and look at it
and be like, I'm really sorry.
I have to take care of
something real quick,

but it was nice meeting you.
See how you can always combo it at the end
and it's not like a bad thing,
but I've definitely done that one.
Normally I'll just go
with the nuclear option

which is, very nice meeting you.
But if I really am feeling
bad about it or something

then I'll take my phone out and feign
that something important has come up.
It works, I'll be honest with you.
- These are five conversation enders
that actually do work.
To see how to get into conversations,
I'll link that video in
the description below.

Dorian, thank you so much
for being on today's show.

- Glad to help.
- If you like this video,
give it a thumbs up.

Subscribe to my channel
for videos like this

and if there is a conversation ender
that you use that you think works amazing,
leave it in the comment section below.
I always like to get new ideas
'cause I definitely have,
I have some difficulty
getting out of conversations.

Alright, anyways, have a great day, bye.
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5 Ways To End a Conversation + A Bonus One

5771 Folder Collection
Joy published on September 23, 2017
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