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Hello, this is Crown!
Today I'm going to talk about
Faded by Alan Walker!

Welcome back to Crown's
English Song Spotlight

In the last episode we talked about
We Don't Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth

And today's song is probably the most
recommended song ever

Faded by Alan Walker!
Actually, I wanna confess that
before everyone's recommendation,
I've never heard of this song

but seriously, there were way too many people
recommending this song

and after I googled it I realized that...oh god
This song is hella popular
This song is about searching for
someone, something, or some place

Or probably about someone who is lost
and trying to find himself/herself

This time I'm also going to explain and
break down the lyrics

So now let's dive into this top hit song together!
You were the shadow to my light
Did you feel us?
Another start, you fade away
Afraid our aim is out of sight
Wanna see us, alive
You were the shadow to my light
This line could be translate into:

When there is light, there is shadow
By using "shadow" and "light" these two words,
we can see that

there is a close relation between them
Light and shadow exist together and
can't be separated

In fact, there certainly are better words
to describe two people that can't be parted
However, he chose the word "shadow"
giving the feeling of darkness and lost
as foretelling that what is going to happen
Noted that the past tense "were" is used here
Which means that how it used to be is
not the same right now

Afraid our aim is out of sight, wanna see us, alive
This line could be translated into:
"Aim" here is a noun meaning goals and aspirations
or something to be achieved
The phrase "out of sight" means something is
too far to see

You may often hear the idiom
"out of sight, out of mind"

It means something is easy to forget due to
the inability to see it

And the "alive" in the line "wanna see us alive"
Instead of the concept of "being alive"
it might also implicate the expectation that
their relationship is still "alive"

which means that they don't give up on each other
Where are you now?
Was it all in my fantasy?
Where are you now?
Were you only imaginary?
Was it all in my fantasy? Were you only imaginary?
This line could be translated into:
"Fantasy" and "imaginary" are actually
two very similar words

They both mean "not real"
What he wanted to express here is that
Since what he cherished has faded too quickly
It made him doubt that if all of it is
just a dream or fantasy

The repeating "where are you now"
resembled the feeling of yelling out loud and
keeping on searching

These shallow waters never met what I needed
I'm letting go, a deeper dive
Eternal silence of the sea
I'm breathing, alive
These shallow waters never met what I needed
I'm letting go, a deeper dive
This line could be translated into:
Shallow means "淺"
And the "meet" in "meet my needs" means "符合"
which means "符合我所要求的"
"Let go" is "放手"
"a deeper dive" is "往更深的地方潛下去"
which means to let go and dive into a deeper state
Eternal silence of the sea, I'm breathing, alive
This line could be translated into:

"Eternal" means "永遠、永恆"
"silence" means "安靜"

Appreciating the silence under the deep sea
and finally feeling able to breath like being alive
Under the bright but faded lights
You set my heart on fire
Where are you now?
Where are you now?
Under the bright but faded lights, you set
my heart on fire

This line could be translated into:
"Bright" is "亮", but "faded" means "漸漸消失"
It used to shine bright like the sunlight, but
now it's dull and fading away

"set something on fire" means "使某物燃起熊熊烈火"
Where are you now?
Under the sea, under the sea
Where are you now?
Another dream
The monster's running wild inside of me
I'm faded, I'm faded
So lost, I'm faded
Atlantis. Under the sea, under the sea
This line could be translated into:

"Atlantis" is "亞特蘭提斯"
According to the legend, it's an island with
highly developed civilization

but eventually sank into the sea and disappeared
The use of the story here is because that what he
has lost and been looking for

is like the lost Atlantis
Mysterious and beautiful, but unsearchable
The monster's running wild inside of me, I'm faded
This line could be translated into:
"Monster" here could be implying
the demons within his heart

and "running wild" means running around crazily
Maybe it's because he couldn't find what he
searched for

Therefore it made him go insane and lose himself
So this is today's English Song Spotlight!
If you want to listen to the original song,
click the box right here!

Alan Walker said that, the best part
about this song is that

The meaning and interpretation of the lyrics
is not the same for every listeners
So welcome everyone to talk about
what's your interpretation of the song?
Which song would you like to hear next time?
Don't forget to comment below. Maybe your song
will be chosen for the next episode!

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And that is a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya~~~
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#4 "Faded" // English Song Spotlight (Alan Walker/Iselin Solheim)

2688 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on September 17, 2017
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