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Count down for me,please
In the last set,
fierce competition broke the balance
Their changing feelings were gradually showed
Come on,this is not a journey but a competition
We will hold on to it
We won't lose to Little Bai
We'll be the champion
I quit
Don't force me to
Jun felt so bad
Da was so angry that he wanted to quit
He almost lost their friendships
The Great Team was stuck in trusting crisis
The raft was broken along with their relationship
I fell into the water for several times, and it was really cold there
But he didn't show any concern about me I trusted him so much
That really disappointed me
I'm a casual person
I don't like to affect others
and I don't like others to affect me
Shaking faith is even more dangerous than the jungle
Keep an eye on Da
Unsteady factors are gradually accumulated
How can they find their directions
I did something wrong
I didn't control my feelings well
In the morning,the valley is covered by fog
They still look tired after waking up
[Xie Tianhua]
[Zhang Danfeng]
[Bai Jingting]
Their still feel down
However,Da,who made so many mistakes yesterday, offers to take the responsibility
We need to throw these fish things
[Da Zhangwei]
He wants to win their trust back by his new start
Is it too small
You don't want to lend it to me,do you?
Da helps Jun give out supplies before their departure
However,they made a mistake
They broke into the changing room
What are you doing,Da
What's the matter with you
Don't take off my clothes
Today,Bear is in a good mood
He went to reconnoitre the terrain
and brought back proteinic food as well as secret weapons that can motivate them
Hello,I'm He Sui
He Sui is a Chinese super model
She appears in Victoria's Secret annual show for five years in row
by her special temperament and charms
She has become the most popular Eastern model
I'm a model
I travel all over the world for work with good makeups and gorgeous dresses
It's really modernizing life style
But it's different here with Bear
I do no makeups here
I don't care about my appearance here
And be the real me
I think it's really cool
Keep an eye on me,please
I have two reasons to come here
First,I think I should challenge myself
Second,it's perfect for my life to finsh these challenges with Bear
This is the start of our friendship
The friendship starting from dirty clothes
You said you would do this with me
I'm like a rogue
I think Bear is the most masculine man in the world
I hope I can be brave,adventurous like him
We don't worry about that at all
No worrying
If Bear want me to complete tasks with them today,
I'll be the first one to do it
Because I'll feel less afraid if I don't see how they do it
Are you ready
Rain pours in autumn
The nature is so changeable
The water level of Maolan River rised sharply
Walking in the fierce water is extremely dangerous
They have to change their plans
Bear decides the landway
The soil has become damp and soft with the washing of rains
It's uncertain for Bear to choose the routes
Li Little,do you girls elder than you
Little Bai said he needs love yesterday
But does he like sisters?
Sisters can give him more love
There're so many sisters here
If it breaks the glasses, how about our eyes
The fulcrum
For climbing
For climbing
It's his toothpick
Am I in danger
She even knows your story
Do you want to die
It's really dangerous
Pull him down
Doesn't he need gloves
He's too strong to need anything
Too difficult
Look at his route
It's flatter there
He has explored the route for us
The more vertical,the more difficult
Be careful
Tighten the shoelaces
I have some experience
I'm very stupid But I always tell myself that I can do it
So the only way to do it is to keep faith
I totally depend on my faith
Let's find a point first
It's unaccustomed to watch Da teaching others
Da,remember that you're teaching someone Be a man
No problem
Stick hard into it
Only after you stamp steadily can you keep going
Don't stick on stones
You're so good at sticking on stones
Three points
Remember three points
And find a point to go with your right foot
Jun taught me first
Because Bear required me to help He Sui
So Jun taught me how to do it and I taught He Sui
Da is different now He's so responsible
Never give up
It seemed not so difficult when Bear did that
But it was actually difficult
You can keep going with feet stamping
But once you lost control of the stick, you would slip down
You thought you had tried it hard, but actually,you didn't
It was like cutting the mountain
Stamp on a higher point
Find a point first
When He Sui was about to slip down, Da Zhangwei helped her
Be careful about her legs
This is my first time to do outdoor sports
I used to be a conservative person
I always think that I'm easy to get hurt because of my long arms and legs
and think it may affect my career
So I felt so scared
Da,you're so cool
Keep going
Lift yourself up
Try harder
I tried my best to help her
Because during that process, I was thinking of how Jun helped
and how other members helped me
So I think I can certainly do it
Cheer her up
I ran out of strength of my hands
I could no longer use any strength
Da,that is too slippery
Make a hole
I'm like a hindrance
I didn't help actually
She might stamp steadily
But I made it slippery
She didn't know it
He decided to keep going when the real difficulties came
Oh my god,Da
Jun,should we pull her up or what
She has run out of her energy
You just tell yourself that you can do it
She's coming up
You can do it
She's up
He has a heart to save beauties
It's beyond everything
You're a man today I'm so surprised
So masculine
Da,you should take care of Jun like this
Do it like this
I feel it
I felt so moved at that moment
Give up
Give up,it's meaningless
Come on.Never give up
He encouraged me with words as well as supports in action
He kept supporting my body with his hands during the 70 percent of that process
Because Bear kept emphasizing that I should be the one who helps her
Jun always helps me
He must know that my helping others can train my will
Of course I'm not a disappointing person
I felt bad I don't know why
I will change my ways to challenge
No,just take good care of me There're only three days left
Da,I can't do it Da,help me
Then he'll help me
I'll help you with sticks
with sticks
That district is easy This district is harder to climb
Left side?
It's so slippery
It's really slippery
I slipped down at the beginning
It's too slippery
It's slippery and muddy
My left hand can't use any strength
I can only use my right hand
I feel bad
They told me that there would be no projects needing strength of hands
It seemed easy when we were down there
We experienced those difficult challenges
So we thought this would be easy
Stones are not so hard
We could stamp on some points steadily in that challenge of fall
This challenge requires good strength of hands
It's much more difficult than we imagined
Too hard.I couldn't use any strength
Can you hold this
I can hold it with my right hand
I can only use my right hand
Girls have bad strength of arms
and I can't use strength of my left hand It was really hard for me
But he helped me to stick it So I just climbed up like this
Give me that
One two
What's wrong
No,you can't pull me like this
Put your left foot higher
Put it well
Hold this OK
No problem
We're arriving
You make it
The better way you choose, the faster you can climb up
You must climb fast
I climbed so fast just now
Then I found that it was not that hard
He was as fast as Bear
You should climb very fast
Climb fast
Don't climb too slow
I ran out all the strength of my arms when we paddled on the raft yesterday
I don't have any strength
Can you do it
I endeavored all my strength
It was close to the destination So I used all my strength to make it
I even screamed
Thank you so much
I'm not doing it
I can't eat that
No I can't
Everyone,come on
Just like eating vegetables
Come on,it's just vegetable
It's my baby I can't eat it
One two three
Just like eating vegetables
The moment you bit it is terrible
But after that,it's not so bad
Actually,this tastes better than earthworm
Xue,let's do it together
Come on,together
Three two one,go
I'm about to cry when I look at her
I come from Beijing
So I represent them to bring you a gift from Beijing
I really want to take Bear to Beijing to taste some Beijing food
We should think out an idea to trick him
Why must we listen to him
We must do something to him like what he did to us
Open it
Stinky tofu and Houttuynia cordata
It's made by your favorite bugs
The one that covered by mud
Never give up
he doesn't think it's delicious
We finally revenge on him
and Houttuynia cordata
His taste is so different from us
Because the story of Bear and Da is so excellent
the journey is not so difficult for them
Members are so cheerful
Will he pull us up
It's a circle We can pull it together
The bridge in front of them is about 70 meters high
They must help everyone up with ropes in 40 minutes
The key of it is to use pulley block well
It's starting
Let's see how we can get there first
And then we'll talk about the orders
Who is the leader
This is a pulley block
There's another one
There's a lock and a pulley block
There's a pulley block up there
We may use the pulley block to pull someone up
Bear set no examples for us
He just gave up some ropes
We picked a pulley block
and a safety lock on the ground
So we were thinking of how to get up
Not one by one Together
All of us?
Right Look,everyone has a rope
We pull together
We pull ourselves up
So many blocks
I think we should pull one by one
No,in a row
It can't hold all of us
That's right
Girls,Danfeng is right
We should definitely pull one up with others helping at one time
We made some mistakes at the beginning
We tried to make all of us up at the same time
I thought it's impossible to get up together at the same time
Bear doesn't want to see that
A hasp and a pulley block
It must be related to knots
Let's try to pull one up now
We'll use the pulley block
Just pull it
Laughing Sir means that this should be locked up there
Make it as a pulley block
Then it's easier to pull others up
Get someone up first
Who can make the best knots How about Xue
I can
You can
Come on,let's lock it
Come on,boys go to the back
Tell him,Xue
My weight is lighter
Bear said that they should use three ropes
But members just considered that someone can get up with others pulling
So,what's the use of another rope
I know it
He wants us to fix it
Otherwise,it will go up out of control when we pull
So we have to hold this with a pulley block
The pulley block can make it like this
But it won't go up suddenly
We use the rope down here to pull someone up
Once there's one going up, one less person will be down here
He won't help up there
This rope is to control the direction
You must use this,okay?
Got it
We'll suceed
Come on
Pull it back
I was so nervous
That was our first time to go without safety ropes
One two three
We didn't think appropriately that day
I'm the bridge between the strength of Xue and that of other members
I'm like a pulley block
You can't be the fulcrum
It's more approriate to tie the rope to a tree or something
OK,I got it
Let's pull you up first
It's almost there
Keep going
One two three
Danfeng,you need to find a fulcrum
Otherwise,you'll be tired out to be the fulcrum
My back is nearly broken
We need to change the method
It's wrong that I was served as a tree
All of us should be the fulcrum
How about that iron thing
We should find a tree to be the fulcrum
Will that do
Actually we can use our hands
Xue could touch the bridge
Communicate with us at any time
Go faster or slower,or stop
No problem
I am numb now
My mind is blank
They take good care of me and let me go up secondly
I feel so scared
Wait,she's easy to bump into the bridge
Keep going
It's slow
Watch for me I'm too scared to look up
That's right
Go Wait a minute
You can support on the wall with your hands
OK,use your feet
Only two meters left
Come on
Keep going
Tie the safety rope first Wait
She could climb over at that time
But she couldn't
We had to help her
Don't worry. You have the safety rope
Come on
Can you stand up
Her face was so pale
That foot is tangled with the rope
Don't worry
She's so scared
I'm really afraid of heights
I need a rest
You're really great
I can totally understand her
Many of the girls were afraid of heights at the beginning
But we can overcome th fear gradually after so many experiences and trainings
But she didn't experience those challenges
We need boys to help here
Two boys
Little Bai,you go next
You're lighter
The heavier one should go first
Because it's hard to pull the heavier one up when there're little people left here
Laughing Sir or Da
Why did I go thirdly
Because they think I'm the fattest in the group
It's neccessary to pull the heaviest up early
Otherwise,I'll be hard to pull in the end
They planned to pull heavier members up earlier
That's a good idea
Because the strength down there is decreasing
After Da Zhangwei is pulled up, he can help up there
This may be much more appropriate than the previous method
They said that I'm fat
They planned to pull the heaviest one up first
Run against him
Come on,be responsible for me
I totally depend on you
Let's keep it rhythmically
One two three,go
One two three
I'm so nervous
Back off
He's too heavy
He looks not so heavy
But he's actually too heavy even if there're so many people down there to pull him
I am very happy
No,I'm a little afraid
The views are so beautiful
So fat
He must be the heaviest one
Keep going
Don't make it swing
I'll bump onto the bridge
The rope swang so hard
I felt I was so likely to bump onto the wall to death
Da,you can use your hands
Use my hands?
Han Xue asked me to use my hands
It suddenly occurred to me that I have hands
So I used my hands to keep balance
OK,he arrived Stop
Tell me if you like me
Be careful
He's so heavy
He shouldn't eat fried chickens anymore
After so many days together, each of us really cares the safety of others
It's too difficult for people who didn't experience that before
It's hard to trust others in that situation
Three ropes
But actually,we use only one rope
It totally depends on people down there
No safety ropes
If there's something wrong with the ropes or people down there,
I'll fall immediately
I'm like a spider man
I worried about that
Because we made a mistake when Xue was going up
Come on,I stay in the back
Luckily,we have 9 people today
So it's easy to use strength
If we have only four people up here, it's really tired
But it's okay with five people
It's much better
Don't be afraid
It's safe
I kept pulling them up
Down here and up there
I'm the bridge between two sides
So actually I was the one who used the most strength
Now I can have a rest
The last one
One two three
They relax now
They totally trust people up there
That's a good attitude
It feels good when all of them are responsible for my life
I was so relaxed
Keep going
Good views
Almost there
I'm not afraid of heights
I'm afraid of falling
Come on
Why is this one so heavy
Come on,one two three,go
Too heavy
One two three
We expect every challenges
We challenge not for anyone but for ourselves
Is this a race
I don't think so
It's not to win but to complete the task that matters
It's important to challenge ourselves
When all of them tried to pull me up,
I enjoyed the views That was a really good experience
We did some manual work
like horses
No need for whitening products anymore
Guess who will be praised
Da Zhangwei
He helped He Sui today
If he isn't praised, what punishments should he take
Are you punished every day
Someone hasn't been punished yet
I haven't
Danfeng was punished before
Wash Jun's feet
Jun,only you and me haven't been punished
They don't listen to me
They only care about how they will be punished
It's a most terrible nightmare for them to be punished every day
So who will be punished today
We really think that it's hard to choose someone to be punished
Everyone performs well
Who has the right to choose the one punished
Do you want to be chosen
I mean that I thought it is him who decides the punishment
If Bear asks you to vote someone to be punished, you can point at
But you know,professor can also be punished
He was punished once
No matter who is punished, we'll experience it
Not bad
I think they're really hard
I can't imagine how they got through all those challenges in these days
I admire them,no matter boys or girls
I also admire their courage to eat those bugs
I heard that they ate eyes of cattles
I don't think I can do all that
Remember to bring many seasonings
Because something tastes really bad
You can only eat them with seasonings
I can help you
Just tell yourself that you can do it
OK,keep going
Never give up Go
You can do it
I think that's because I'm much weaker than Jun
He can only help me
Do you have more silkworms Give him some
I think it's He Sui
It's her first day here So it's better for her to experience more
Will he revenge on us
I finally feel the sunshine
Beautiful life
I think I'm like a little evil now
I'm afraid to drink it
It's much better to reward us with some cola
Am I right?
When he was hanging there, let's take a photo together
No,not at that time It's impolite
Come with me
You can stop it somewhere But don't lose the rope
Because we can't keep it in control
Come on
Be careful about his head
Be careful
Listen to me,one two three
He doesn't like it
One two three
he's too heavy
Use some strength
One two three
Never give up
Be strong together
There comes a train
Why doesn't it stop
Yuxi and Laughing Sir,come with me
I observed carefully
Laughing Sir,you're not in a good state
You didn't communicate much these days
So I think you should have some communications about your cooperation in these days
You're leaving?
Yes,you talk to each other
I can't play that
You can tell me when I did something wrong in the process
For example,when we paddled on the raft
I said many times actually
I think you're stubborn sometimes
Am I? Right
I really thought that it was tied loosely
But I will trust you if you don't think it's wrong with my warning for many times
We learned a lesson
I know that you care about your own feelings
Honestly,I'm scared about most of those challenges
But do you know what frightened me most
That one of weightlessness
But even in that moment,you're likely to focus on yourself
I didn't know it was serious for you
I thought you were just a little afraid
I don't show it
But I keep worrying in words
This is my expression of fear
I don't cry I don't scream or something else
I ignored her feelings
I felt guilty that I never thought about her feelings
She's willing to tell me about her feelings
I think it's a good start
I hope that we can communicate more in the following days
then we can cooperate better
OK,let's restart tomorrow
We told our feelings to each other
We reflected to each other
and pointed out some mistakes of each other
That was good
And the last sentence was"OK, let's restart tomorrow"
OK,let's restart tomorrow
Let's sing with them
Come on One two three
11 days have passed
I don't want to leave when there're less days left
It is a really precious chance to gather us together
We saw each other's weakness, helped with each other and relaxed together
We've experienced a lot in these days We cried,screamed.But we make it
I think I learned a lot from this
We may be accustomed to these difficult challenges
So we fall in love with life in forests
My physical ability is much better than before
I even have some muscles now
I just closed my eyes and enjoyed their singing
It's hard for you to understand the joy because you never experience it
The injury on my leg
is really serious
But now I don't care about it
It's lucky to survive in this kind of environment
I get increasingly used to this life
I'm afraid that I'll be not used to the modern life when I go back
I want to return to the forests
I know a song
One sentence in each song
But these sentences are connected in one song
Although all of us don't think that challenges today were hard
I think it is because we were trained for so many days
So I'm really grateful for what we've learned in these days
I'll try my best No more small mistakes
Try to complete it successfully Fighting
In the next episode, they'll face with pouring rains and riptides
It's cold here Be careful
Their life will be in danger
Painful and angry Incapable and helpless
It's hard to accept his own weakness
New teams
Da Zhangwei,you will be with
Han Xue
We need more power from partners just because of that
But it caught them unprepared
Challenges are increasingly difficult
Survivor Games of Dragon TV will be on at 9:20 on next Friday night
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Survivor Games

138 Folder Collection
Ching Sum Cheung published on September 15, 2017
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