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  • The games industry is facing an explosion

  • of demand for just volume of content.

  • At the same time as the volume of content is exploding,

  • the budgets are not exploding for making these games.

  • So you have to use the same resources,

  • the same number of people to generate

  • hundreds or thousands of times as much content.

  • The only real way of approaching that is to

  • build tools which work procedurally

  • to allow you to be that much more effective and productive.

  • Houdini helps us remove

  • the repetitive and robotic tasks

  • from our dev pipeline, or any tasks

  • that's going to have a very lengthy cost

  • just due to the amount of manipulations

  • that the content creators need to do.

  • We are typically five

  • to 50 times faster

  • when we're working procedurally.

  • We saw something that would take us two or three days

  • go down to two or three minutes.

  • Yeah, Houdini, I think it's changed my creative process

  • in how I...

  • how I approach looking at a problem.

  • I appreciate the fact that I can

  • use the technical tools that Houdini provides

  • to create an artistic solution

  • that would probably be possible in other tools,

  • but wouldn't be as easy to implement.

  • The cinematic quality gets pushed up

  • quite a few notches when you're using Houdini.

  • We want to have feature film quality visual effects

  • and Houdini is well-known

  • and used across the film visual effects industry.

  • So we also want to get that triple A talent from film,

  • bring it into games, and bring up that quality bar.

The games industry is facing an explosion

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