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Oh, hey, guys. I'm Alex. Thanks for
clicking, and welcome to this lesson on

"House Cleaning Vocabulary". So, most of us,
we have to deal with house cleaning. Cleaning

our homes is one of the most basic things that
we do on our weekends or during the week.

So, let's look at some common verbs, as well
as some common nouns that you can use to talk

about house cleaning.
Number one, obviously the most basic verb, is:
"clean". So, you can use the verb "clean"

to talk about anything. You can clean the
floor, clean the window, clean a wall, clean

a table, clean a chair. That's all you
need to know about the verb "clean".

Next, we have the verb: "sweep". So: "Sweep
the floor with a broom." Does anyone know

what a broom is? That's right. This is a broom.
Okay? And sweeping is the action of doing

this. So, you sweep the
floor with a broom. Okay?

Now, once you sweep the floor, you might want
to, you know, clean it a little more maybe

with some water and some soap. And if you
want to clean the floor with some water and

some soap, what you are doing is you're probably
mopping the floor with a mop. Now, I don't

have a mop with me today, but it's best to
think of a mop as like a broom with a wet

part at the end. So, mopping, you're going
whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. You're mopping

the floor with a mop. The verb and
the noun are the exact same thing.

Next up, we have "vacuum". Now, what is a vacuum?
Let me show you. There we have a vacuum.

And it's similar to "mop" where the verb and
the noun are the exact same thing. So, you

can vacuum with a vacuum, just like
you can mop with a mop. All right?

Next, we have the verb: "wipe". And "wipe"
can be used in many contexts as well. So,

if I have let's say... Let's imagine this is
a piece of cloth. I can wipe off the table

with a cloth, for example. Or you... I can
wipe off the board if it's dirty. So, "to

wipe" is this action. Okay? And, again, you
can use the preposition "off" as a phrasal

verb, so you can wipe off a table
or wipe off a board, for example.

Next, we have the verb: "scrub". Now, "scrub"
is very often used when you're cleaning, you

know, your bathroom, or the bathtub, or the
walls in your bathroom. And if you have tiles,

which are, again, the square pieces like in
a bathroom, you can scrub them. Okay? And

normally, what you need is a brush to scrub,
not a toothbrush, but, you know, a cleaning

brush or what you can call a scrubbing pad.
So, to really get that hard clean, to scrub

stuff around your toilet, or around your bathtub,
or around the walls in your bathroom. Okay?

And finally, you can use the word: "Dust (or
dust off) the table with a duster." Now, "dust"

is something which accumulates over time on
tables, on pretty much anything. Imagine it

as being the little particles that build up
over time if you don't touch something. So,

if you can [do this to a book or to a table,
you will see dust flying off of it, and you

need a duster to dust off the dust.

So, to review, the most common verb you can
use in house cleaning is "clean". You can

sweep the floor with a broom. You can mop the
floor with a mop. You can vacuum the floor

or the carpet with a vacuum. You can wipe a
table with a cloth. And you can scrub tiles

with a brush or a scrub pad. And you
can also dust a table with a duster.

If you'd like to test your understanding of
this vocabulary, as always, you can check

out the quiz on www.engvid.com. And don't
forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Back to work.
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English Vocabulary: House Cleaning-engVid Alex

492 Folder Collection
洪巧蓉 published on September 9, 2017
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