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Hey, everyone. I'm Alex.
Thanks for clicking, and welcome to
this lesson on: "'Push' Phrasal Verbs".

So phrasal verbs, like you know, if you have
been following my channel for a while, are

some of the most difficult words and
expressions to master in the English language.

They take a verb with a preposition, which
is actually called a particle in a phrasal

verb, but it looks like a preposition, and
they create a new meaning when you match the

verb with the particle, with the preposition,
whichever one you want to call them.

So we are going to look at eight, eight
"push" phrasal verbs in this lesson.

We'll start with four, we'll do
another four right after this.

So, I don't want to
waste any more time.

Let's get started.
Number one: "to push
ahead with something".

So, to push ahead with something means to
continue with something, to continue doing

something when there are problems or when
other people maybe working on a project

wish to stop.
So you keep doing it even
though other people say:

"No, no, stop. It's a bad idea."
Typically, you push ahead with things in an
office or the government will push ahead with

Let's look at the two examples
to show you what I mean.

Number one: "We pushed ahead with the
policy despite unpopular public opinion."

The public didn't like the policy we
introduced, maybe the policy says:

"Everyone must have a fake mustache
on the second day of every month."

I don't know.
And this is unpopular public opinion,
but, you know, the government says:

"Oh, it's a great idea.
Let's do it."

So they push ahead
with the policy.

Second: "The municipal government
is pushing ahead with its plans."

So, again: "to push ahead" is to keep going,
to keep pushing with something even if there

are problems or other people
think it's a bad idea.

Next: "push someone around".
So think of...
If someone pushes you around,
they treat you in a rude way.

They act like a bully.
For example: "Our boss thinks he
can just push people around."

Or: "My brother pushed me
around a lot as a kid."

So imagine you are the person who
is being pushed around, you're...

Someone is bullying you, pushing you in this
direction and that direction, treating you

like they are a bully.
Next: "to push someone away" means
to force someone away from you.

So: "The relationship wasn't
working, so she pushed him away."

This means, you know, she stopped calling
him, she stopped commenting on his Facebook

photos, she just did
not text him anymore.

She pushed him away because the
relationship was not working.

Next: "We're friends. Why
are you pushing me away?"

So: "You're my best friend.
Don't push me away. Come back."
Okay? Don't separate yourself.
Don't try to force
yourself away from me.

Next: "to push a date or an appointment back",
this means to postpone something, so delay

something (s/t - something) until
a later time or a later date.

Two examples: "The meeting had
to be pushed back by a week."

So the meeting was pushed
back, delayed by one week.

"We pushed our
wedding date back."

So we realized...
There was a family emergency maybe, so
we had to push the wedding date back.

Okay, now we're going
to look at four more.

Next we have: "to push back
against someone or something".

This means to fight back
against someone or something.

For example: "They pushed
back against the enemy",

against the enemy army.
So the enemy army is coming at them, they're
pushing them, pushing them, pushing them.

And then they push back, push back,
push back against the enemy army.

Next example:
"We can't accept these conditions.
We need to push back."

So, this could be a situation at your workplace
where you do not like the conditions, so you

want to push back
against the management.

Next: "to push for something"
or "to push for someone"

means to support and advocate
for something or someone.

Examples: "The employees
pushed for more money."

So maybe, again, the employees are not happy
with how much money they are making, so they

go on strike and in their discussion with
the management, they push for more money.

They support and
advocate for more money.

Next: "Most Canadians pushed for
Justin Trudeau in the 2015 election."

So they pushed for him, supported
him, advocated for him, and he won.

He became the Prime
Minister in 2015.

Two more examples: "push or press
on with something or with a plan".

So you can say: "to push
on" or "to press on".

This means to continue doing
something, even when it's difficult.

So: "The drive was difficult,
but we kept pushing on."

Okay? So it's snowing a
lot and you're like:

"Okay, just 20 more
minutes and I'm at home."

Okay, we kept pushing on, pushing
on, pushing on, continued to drive.

Next: "We can't quit.
We need to push on."

This could be any situation.
"We can't give up. We
need to keep going."

Push on, and continue studying
English, for example.

Finally: "push past", and you
need to push past someone.

So, to push past someone is to press
roughly into someone as you pass them.

So the two examples will
make this very clear:

"I had to push past a bunch
of people to catch the bus."

So, you're, you know, trying to
catch the bus, the bus is there.

There are people in front of you, you have
to: "Uh, uh, uh", push past them to catch

the bus on time.
Finally: "She pushed past three
runners to win the race."

So she's running, she's running, she's running,
and she's pushing past three runners to win

the race.
That's a lot of information.
So, if you'd like to test your
understanding of the material:

Number one, I recommend you go back, watch the video
again because there is a lot of information here,

then do the quiz
on www.engvid.com.

If you enjoyed the video,
don't forget to like it, comment
on it, subscribe to the channel,

and check me out of
Facebook and Twitter.

Til next time, push on.
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Learn 8 Phrasal Verbs with "PUSH"-engVid Alex

311 Folder Collection
洪巧蓉 published on September 9, 2017
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