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This is my car.
It's really old.
I used to drive it when I was
a very small, tiny baby.

I've had this car
for a long time.

Let me ask you something.
What colour is my car?
If you said, mmm,
like, I don't know.

Take a good look. What colour?
Black and black here, and then
like yellow or something.

You are...
You're right, but mm-mm, that's kind of wrong
because there are not just yellows or blacks

in the world of car
paint anymore.

So, if you're looking to fix up an old car like
this and make it your baby, make it beautiful,

if you're into reconditioning old cars, or
if you're into interior design, painting,

painting your house a new colour, and
you go to the paint store and you say:

"Definitely I would like to
have a blue living room",

the people that work at the paint
store are going to do this:

-"What colour blue?"
-"Uh, blue.
Maybe light blue, dark blue. That's
what I got, light blue, dark blue."

So what I'm going to teach you today is all
about colours, but shades of colours and the

super crazy names that we have for them,
because it's not just green anymore.

My jacket, it's not green.
It's kelly green, thank you.
Sherry from Hong Kong,
this lesson's for you.

I miss you.
Cherry, Sherry, Sherry? Cherry!
What colour do you
think cherry is?

What colour is a cherry? Red.
So, let's start off with red.
These are names of colours, but we
change them up, we play with them.

So, you guys know
the colour red.

Have you heard of
the colour crimson?

It means red.
So, all of these ones are
colour-coded to help you.

If you're colour-blind, good luck;
everything's kind of the same.

So, how do we get these
strange colours?

We will name colours
after food or drink.

So, we've got crimson, we've gone
wine-delicious-and another food is a cherry.

Cherries and wine, they're red.
They're different shades of
red, but they're still red.

We also name colours
after flowers.

A geranium is a flower.
Guess what colour it is?
It's red.
It can be pink, too,
but that's okay.

So, sometimes maybe you want to buy red paint,
you go to the store and it's called geranium

or poppy.
So, this just means red.
Moving right along.
We have black.
Now, black is not
just black anymore.

Black has changed to ebony,
onyx-great band, by the way-raven...

Raven's a bird.
So, we name colours after
animals, food, and flowers.

Sable, and then we
have night shade.

When I was younger I had a car that was night
shade, so at nighttime it was black, but in

the daylight it was
not blue, navy.

Cool car.
Cool colour.
Got dirty a lot.
Night shade.
Next up, not just
purple anymore.

We have the flower of lavender, we
have lilac, which is another flower.

This is one of my
favourites: mauve.

Now, it looks like mowawu,
mauve, but it's actually mauve.

We have plum, which is a food; violet, which
is a flower; and amethyst, which is a type...

A type of stone or a mineral.
I was born in February, so
my ring is an amethyst.

It's purple.
Moving right along, grey.
We have ash,

Did you know that doves
and pigeons are the same?

Except doves are white and grey.
Oyster, delicious food.
We have a stone, stone grey,
good colour for your house.

And we also have gun metal.
So, gun metal, battleship.
We're getting some war themes
going on in this paint.

Back to the fruits and
veggies, we have orange.

We have cantaloupe.
Now, a cantaloupe is a fruit.
The inside of the
cantaloupe, it's orange.

Carrot, marigold.
Marigold's a flower.

And we also have tangerine.
It looks like an orange.
It's a little bit
smaller than an orange.

We also have the colour orange.
No? Not funny yet?
Green, lots of food,
lots of things in our...

In nature are green.
So we have one of my favourite, avocado,
which is how you make guacamole.

So, avocado is a darker green.
Lime green.
The inside of my fantabulous
jacket is lime.

The outside, kelly.
We have this very, very crazy colour
called chartreuse, that's green.

Have you watched Jade's videos?
Did you know that she's
not green at all?

Jade is a type of stone.
We have kelly.
Hi, kelly.
And we also have sage.
Sage is a type of
herb or a plant.

It's green.
See how this is working out?
Then we have blue.
Sapphire. Sapphire
is a dark blue.

And even darker than
sapphire is navy.

Now, sometimes navy looks black.
You have to be really
careful about this one.

We also have baby blue.
Why is your baby blue?
There's something wrong. Okay?
You need to check on the baby.
We also have sky blue.
That makes sense because
the sky is blue.

Why the sky is blue,
I don't know.

This would be baby
blue or sky blue.

We also have indigo,
Ronnie's favourite colour.

Indigo is a mix of
purple and blue.

It doesn't get purple,
it gets blue.

Now, cobalt is a very, very
bright, wonderful blue.

Let me find something
cobalt for you.

This would be
considered cobalt blue.

Sometimes it's called
electric blue.

I didn't know electricity
had a colour.

And also Latin-speak-, speaking people,
you might recognize this: azure.

Azul, azure. Get it?
Blue? It's all blue.
Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue.
This is yellow.
This is green.
I don't have a yellow marker.
That's okay.
So yellow we can call amber,
which is also a person's name.

Now, amber is a girl's name and it's also a
type of stone, like an amethyst or an emerald

or a sapphire.
Blonde, mmm, blonde
beer, delicious.

Get what colour it
is, it's yellow.

Some people have
blonde hair, not me.

Gold, oh, you guys know gold.
Gold is darker.
And then we have our
food, represent, lemon.

And, oo, sunshine yellow.
Maybe you want to paint your kitchen sunshine
yellow so that when you wake up in the morning

it's sunshine.
Or you might just want lemon.
There's a difference.
Go to your paint store.
Next up we have the lighter
shade of red, which is pink.

It can be called salmon, the fish;
rose, a beautiful flower; blush.

Blush is a verb.
It's what happens when you get embarrassed,
your cheeks go pink or red, and you blush.

We also have peach, which
is a fruit, and coral.

Coral is something that is alive in
the ocean and fish live in there.

I guess it's pink.
Now, if you've ever had to buy white paint,
you're in for a treat because they have frosted;

milk or cream-very different-alabaster, which
is a white mineral, it's white; or pearl.

All of these just mean
different shades of white.

So, if you're into colours and you have a
favourite colour, there's probably another

crazy name for it.
The other cool thing you can do is
you can make up a name for stuff,

like jobby brown.
I'll be back with more colours.
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Improve Your Vocabulary: 50+ Shades of Colors in English!

211 Folder Collection
HQQ published on September 6, 2017
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