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00:02 COMM: Master craftsman Lance McCormack owns
one of Britain's best classic car restoration businesses, 'Romance of Rust'. Helping him
manage it is his son Merlin, the cutting edge salesman who also runs his own classic car
dealership. Together they turn 'Rust To Riches'.
00:20 COMM: Lance is one of the country's leading
metalwork restoration experts, and today he is working on a classic Porche, that's seen
better days.
00:29 LANCE: This is a '62 Porche 356 Coupe. this
one is in for a customer, I'm doing all the hard metal work for him, he's stripped it.
I've got to put a new most section on but these are so popular now and they at least
have good value about them, I mean this finished is about 80 or 90.
00:47 LANCE: If I were buying one of these I would
be inclined to buy a restoration project from California or Texas, that way you haven't
got the rust that's got into it's very soul. You get a car from a dry state the body is
then, I mean, my California car we stripped it down and there's very little rust on it
at all. Y'know there's some damage from racing but it was a pleasure to work on them, whereas
this one has been through the wars. Now it's stripped to bare metal it's showing signs
of it's history. Warts and all.
01:17 LANCE: We've got traces of race history crashing.
This is high here, this was too close so they've bashed it all back just to get it on the road
quickly again y'know?
01:26 COMM: It's the fixing of a new part that reveals
how far from the original shape the car has become.
01:32 LANCE: This is the replacement second hard
bonnet from California so it's a dry state, all the correct data was on it. And it shows
now quite how bad the front was damaged, the other bonnet actually lined up, so the bonnet
was in the wrong shape completely.
01:48 LANCE: When I put this on, it will be in accordance
with the data round here, the levels the clearance. These were campaigned, you can see it's not
just about the rust on it, this has had several accidents and I will take care of that once
the fronts off and I've made it weak I'll use a hydraulic device to push this across,
before I even think about putting the new panel on. I'm certainly not gonna put a two
thousand pound pressing on there, in the wrong place given the chance with my hand and my
eye and my history with these 356's I know what they should look like y'know? And it
certainly shouldn't look like that.
02:22 COMM: While Lance contemplates his latest
restoration challenge, Merlin has expanded his collection of cars to sell.
02:31 MERLIN: A week ago I bought this, it's a 1984
Mercedes 380SL of the R107 Mercedes chassis, it's a great little car, it runs fantastically.
02:40 COMM: Although an advocate of using modern
technology in his classic car business, Merlin is also aware of the pitfalls of the internet.
02:48 MERLIN: I actually found this car on eBay.
It had been up there a few times, to anyone who doesn't know any better it's a presentable
car, when I saw the car and pulled it apart we both knew then why it hadn't sold. The
danger of the internet is a lot of cars out there are bought blind. You really can't tell
what a car is like without seeing it in the flesh. I have so many people come to me telling
me their car is worth so much and asking me to sell it for even more because they've bought
it on the internet and therefore it must be worth more. It's nonsense.
03:18 MERLIN: People need to get a grip and the
reality of it is unless you see the car in the flesh you're taking a huge, huge risk.
03:24 COMM: He was able to call on Lance's expertise
and knowledge of these cars to predict exactly what might be wrong with this one.
03:32 MERLIN: Dad said to me, he's done plenty of
these, he knows where they're going to go, low and behold we've done a bit more further
investigation into this car and all the places he's predict have gone, have gone. The rear
arches are famous for rusting out on these 107s, these have been done to a fairly atrocious
standard, I don't know if you can see down here the ripple effect we've got here and
it hasn't helped that somebody has scraped it as well, they need to be completely stripped
back to bare metal and even probably new pattern arches fitted.
04:02 MERLIN: What we do it we weld them in beneath
the surface, they get a skim of filler and a nice finish which will eradicate this ripple
finish you see before you.
04:11 COMM: So how exactly does Merlin intend to
turn a profit from the beleaguered Mercedes?
04:15 MERLIN: I picked the car up for what I think
is fair, we're looking at spending about two and a half thousand pounds on the paint, I'm
then gonna market the car at about £12,000, it's the complete wrong time of year to be
selling a convertible as far as the public are concerned. What I tend to do first is
offer it out to there people in the trade or my customers who I know might be interested.
Beyond that it goes on to online marketing. There's plenty of classic car websites out
04:39 MERLIN: What's more likely with this car is
that I'll send it to auction and see what she makes me.
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Episode 6: Crash Damaged Classic Porsche Gets Metal Makeover - Rust To Riches

145 Folder Collection
rihrong published on September 3, 2017
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