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  • Right now I want to show you some photos that you've been sending in.

  • It's our segment called, What's wrong with these sign signs?

  • All right, this one comes from Rebecca from Orange City Florida.

  • I found these boy's sandals on sale at the mall.

  • Toddler Boy's Christian grey sandals.

  • [LAUGH] It's for

  • the child who enjoys getting a spanking a little too much.

  • (LAUGH) Alyssa from Toronto, Canada.

  • This was a sign I saw at a restaurant in Hong Kong.

  • No Smoking I Will Crazy.

  • (LAUGH)

  • (LAUGH)

  • It makes me want to smoke just to see what will happen just to.

  • (LAUGH) Krista, from Lansdale, Pennsylvania,

  • I saw this sign in the restroom when I was on vacation in Ireland.

  • (LAUGH)

  • (LAUGH) Yeah,

  • those were all the wrong ways at the bottom, and then the top way is the.

  • Now, I understand the middle one, I've done that.

  • (LAUGH) I don't know who wants to do a hand

  • stand with their head.

  • (LAUGH) Even if you're able to good for you.

  • But why, why do you want your head that close to the toilet?

  • The last one you're celebrating and I understand that.

  • (LAUGH) Man from Jamesville,

  • Wisconsin, I took this photo in the hospital near where I live.

  • Gynaecology Restaurant.

  • (LAUGH) Gynaecology Restaurant.

  • Now so there's a fork, a spoon and a knife.

  • And I guess that's a plate.

  • I don't know what's in the middle.

  • (LAUGH)

  • Tila from New Valley California.

  • My brother sent this photo of a sign in his hometown.

  • Ram in the Bush.

  • (LAUGH)

  • That is also the daily special at the Gynaecology Restaurant.

  • (LAUGH)

  • What is in the Ram in the Bush?

  • What is that?

  • (LAUGH) So it's sauteed.

  • (LAUGH) That was my server right there.

  • (LAUGH) Very, very tall its a low seat, I'm.

  • Thanks for sending those in if you see a sign that's not quite right please

  • send it to me.

Right now I want to show you some photos that you've been sending in.

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What’s Wrong with These Signs? Signs: Bathroom Etiquette

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