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- [Announcer] Ferrari.
Simply the ultimate in vehicular luxury, right?
Well, in Italy, Lamborghini started out associated
with tractors.
So how did Lamborghini evolve from tilling the fields
of Bologna to becoming one of the top luxury brands
on the planet?
Through a personal insult delivered by this man.
Mr. Ferrari himself.
- Ferruccio Lamborghini was a real man with real skills.
As an Italian Air Force mechanic during World War II,
he set up a little auto repair shop in Northern Italy,
buying surplus military machines
and converting them into tractors.
He made a lot of money.
- So much money
that he could finally afford a Ferrari 250 GT,
a true sign that he had made it.
(car engine roaring)
But there was a problem.
So he took a trip to visit Enzo Ferrari himself to complain.
Ferrari, notorious for writing off his customers,
threw shade at the tycoon tractor maker,
exclaiming, "The problem is not with the car,
but with the driver.
Go focus on your tractors."
Game on.
Lamborghini was furious about Ferrari's fiery affront
and decided to build his own car,
just to spite him.
Lamborghini poached a few of Ferrari's ex-employees
and told them to get to work on beating their former boss
at his own game.
The team succeeded,
with the result being the Lamborghini 350 GT.
And the rest is history.
- (speaks in foreign language)
- I already said that.
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Vehicular Vengeance: The Origin of Lamborghini

245 Folder Collection
rihrong published on September 1, 2017
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