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Thank you, Daniele
Dear guests and media friends, welcome to Dongfeng Nissan stage
and thank you for attending today’s press conference.
Behind me, you can see an exciting global Nissan product.
It is the new Kicks, a benchmark for compact city SUVs.
We will bring the Kicks to young Chinese customers from Dongfeng Nissan’s plant, which is benchmarked globally.
As China’s economy booms, our customers here are becoming younger and younger.
People born after 1990 are growing to be the main group of car consumers, with a robust purchasing power.
This new generation is more independent, thoughtful and focused on themselves when buying cars.
They have their own opinion and don’t go with the mainstream,
They are passionate and eager to explore, and set trends based on their unique personalities.
They want opportunities to realize their values.
The “Kicks Youth” are changing the world.
Kicks was created to serve the “Kicks Youth”.
Understanding what young customers want, and inspired by “City Light”,
Nissan perfectly combinesmetropolitan fashion, dynamic style and
advanced vehicle technologies. This makes KICKS a vital part of a vibrant life.
Its outstanding style represents a diverse personality.
Smart interconnection links the world. And comprehensive safety secures the future.
Kicks shake up the established market, attracting new consumers,
and its remarkable competiveness will make it the first choice of young people.
With the introduction of the Kicks, the Dongfeng Nissan SUV family is complete.
Kicks, together with Qashqai, X-Trail, Murano and Patrol, completes the series of SUVs,
In all size, configurations from entry level to premium.
Dongfeng has grown to become a company with complete production power,
To make an extensive impact on its joint venture peers, and provide customers with
driving experiences that bring together customers, cars and daily life.
At the 2016 Guangzhou International Auto Show, Dongfeng Nissan issued its i³ plan.
It promoted the smart improvement across three dimensions:
intelligent mobility, intelligent manufacturing quality and intelligent customer experience.
Nissan Intelligent Mobility represents the development future and direction of Nissan.
Now, key technologies inIntelligent Driving, Intelligent Power and Intelligent Integration have been introduced in China.
Nissan i-SAFETY has been fully used in all key products.
We put great emphasis on intelligent manufacturing quality.
We are taking the lead in the quality era, promoting upgrades throughout the R&D process
with intelligent ideas, technology and equipment.
We created an immersive digital platform for an intelligent customer experience.
We have established 50 intelligent mobility experience galleries and one flagship shop.
More than 35,000 consumers have experienced advanced technical products from Nissan.
During the past Q1, Dongfeng Nissan reached year-on-year growth of 20.1%, to a new record high.
In 2017, with YOUNG NISSAN 3.0 Era, we insist on a customer-driven approach, constantly improving our branding strategy.
We will promote new products using an event-oriented, scene-oriented and experience-oriented marketing strategy
to communicate with young people in order to satisfy their expectations.
After Dongfeng Nissan achieved sales of over one million for two consecutive years,
Dongfeng Nissan is at a breakthrough moment, seeking new reforms and new development.
Targeting young intelligence, we can strengthen the brand spirit of “Excitement, Challenge, and Confidence”
to usher in a new life and an intelligent future for customers via i³ plan.
Thank you
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Nissan at Auto Shanghai 2017 live

122 Folder Collection
kinhuabin published on August 29, 2017
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