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W: Hi guys! J: Hello...
So, today is a Sunday
and we're just heading out to the city
to go to the...
J: Dog Lovers Show W: Dog Lovers Show
It's at Hordern Pavillion
It's a bit fussy to get there
but hopefully we won't take too long to get there
and then it'll be pretty fun.
W: See you guys soon! J: Bye!
The Dog Lovers Show
is an annual event
held in Sydney,
and Auckland.
This year's Sydney show
was held at the Hordern Pavillion.
I couldn't believe
how many dogs there were at the show.
If you have a dog at home,
make sure to help yourself, to a load of freebies.
After a morning of patting dogs,
it was time for some food.
Surprisingly, the food at the show was quite decent.
If this is your first time at the show,
be prepared
to pat lots and lots of dogs.
Isn't this border collie so pretty?
If you are looking to add a dog to your family,
please consider adoption.
Look at these lovely greyhounds,
they're all waiting for someone to take them home.
I think this labrador found a new home.
Look at that hairstyle,
so stylish!
There were so many different breeds of dogs at the show
and best of all,
we had the opportunity
to talk directly to the breeders.
If you want to learn more
about a certain breed of dog,
this is the best place to go.
I was so excited to see a Chow Chow at the show
as it is one of my favourite dogs.
Do you have a favourite breed of dog?
Leave your answers in the comments section below.
This was the happiest dog I saw at the show.
Look at his tail wagging!
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Until next time!
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Sydney Dog Lovers Show 2017

264 Folder Collection
Winny Luong published on August 28, 2017
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