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  • We have all the media and I'm going to use it fully whenever I do anything, I do it fully.

  • I squeeze the last drop out of everything.

  • There is no problem in it.

  • And if politicians can use the media, yeah, businesses can use the media.

  • All kinds of lying advertisements are on the media, then why truths should remain behind?

  • Yeah, it has to come into the market place.

  • It's only bridges will be enough for many lies to die.

  • If you write a book, somebody has to purchase it first.

  • Secondly, he has to read it.

  • Yeah, the book has become out of date.

  • If the person can sit on the television.

  • Yeah, without purchasing a book and without reading it and remember always sing reach is deeper in you.

  • Then reading, reading are only words seeing has a totally different effect.

  • It is almost life as if you are hearing me, my gestures will be missed in the book.

  • Yeah, my silent pauses will not be there in the book.

  • My eyes, which says so much that you may put the same sentence in the book, but it has lost almost 80% of its meaning because that 80% was not in the sentence but in things around it, the eyes, the hands, the personality, the man, the face, his emphasis, his way of saying a thing.

  • Yeah, his w his authority which penetrates the heart.

  • The coming days are days of television.

  • Yeah.

  • And television makes me available to the whole world.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, Buddha had to travel for 42 years continuously and then too he could not go out of his estate bihar not even all over India.

  • In 42 years, he could manage only one estate.

  • India consists no 30 states and at that time, Buddha's time it was double then it is now 60 states.

  • He covered only one state I can manage sitting in my chair and I can cover the whole world.

  • So remember whatever I'm saying is not just for you, I'm talking also for the future generations.

We have all the media and I'm going to use it fully whenever I do anything, I do it fully.

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