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  • First exercise is Swinging

  • Purpose
1.To develop and regain the natural, easy movement of your eyes.

  • 2.To relax your eyes and your upper body.

  • Do it 100 times for 4 - 5 minutes

  • Near-To-Far Shifting

  • Purpose
: -To regain flexibility in the muscles that control the movements of your eyes.

  • - To improve eye coordination so that your eyes follow the focusing directions from your mind.

  • - To develop a balanced use of your eyes. - To increase your peripheral awareness.

  • First you have to choose your target. For example in this video,

  • the target is the peak of one distant mountain.

  • Then Focus on you thumb and count till ten then shift the focus to the target and count till ten as well.

  • Do it so 15 times with you left eye then 15 times with you right eye and then 20 times with your both eyes.

  • Make sure that your focus goes all the way to the target and rests on the target for a brief moment before you shift your vision back again.

  • When your focus is on your finger in the foreground, you'll see two images of the distant target.

  • And when your focus is on the distant target, you'll see two images of your thumb.

  • 3. Palming: PurposeTo relax tired or strained eyes and restore peace and quiet to your mind.

  • PALMING is an excellent exercise to relax your eyes and soothe your mind.

  • Place your cupped palms over your closed eyes. The fingers of each hand should overlap and rest on the center of your forehead.

  • Do it 3-4 times for 2 minutes each

  • 4. Solarization of your eyes Purpose is to relax your eyes and ease the tension. To give a strong stimulation and feeling of comfort to your eyes.

  • Exercise: Roll the ball of the sun on your closed eyes slowly like in video. Do it 3 Times for 2 min each time

  • Observation: Do this exercise when the sun is not very powerfull.

  • 5. Head Rolls: PurposeTo relax your neck, head and face muscles and reduce shoulder tension.

  • HEAD ROLLS help to relax your neck and shoulders - two areas that can block clear vision.

  • Remember to gently rotate your head and not to force any movements. Do it 6 times (in each direction) 2 minutes each

First exercise is Swinging

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