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  • - [Narrator] For six months of the year,

  • crystal blue lagoons appear in what would otherwise

  • look like your average desert,

  • making Lençóis Maranhenses

  • one of Brazil's most mysterious destinations.

  • Lençóis Maranhenses is a national park located in Brazil.

  • From January to June, the area

  • becomes inundated with rain storms.

  • The rain water collects between the sand dunes,

  • creating thousands of clear water lagoons.

  • Some of these pools reach over 300 feet in length

  • and can be over 10 feet deep.

  • With water temperatures as high as 87 degrees,

  • visitors come from far and wide

  • to experience the pristine conditions.

  • But arriving at these pools is no easy feat,

  • and renting a four-wheeler is a must.

  • The ride is rough, as you need to cross tight spaces

  • and navigate through rivers and puddles.

  • Lençóis Maranhenses visitors must enjoy these pools

  • while they can, because come dry season

  • this spectacular landscape vanishes

  • and returns to its desert form once again.

(relaxed music)

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Lagoons Among Dunes: Brazil's Disappearing Desert Oases

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