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  • I remember the day I got home, and I told my dad to sit down

  • and I told him I want to switch from a career of banking to a career of video games

  • I had to calm him down a bit.

  • It took him a good few months to really come to terms with this decision

  • How did you tell your family you wanted to work in video games?

  • It's a good question

  • Ah man

  • I didn't know I had to tell my parents

  • So I didn't tell my parents

  • It's very hard for me to tell my family what it is that I actually do

  • They somehow in their mind think I play computer games all day

  • I was taking my studies in computer engineering

  • and I told my dad I really wanted to go to school as a animator

  • and he said no way, you're not doing that, you're finishing your studies

  • I was in my third year of law school

  • when I told my parents I wanted to work at Ubisoft

  • And they are like, whats that? Is that a law firm?

  • and I say, no, it's a video game company

  • and they were like, oh, I've never heard of it

  • they were really kind of shocked

  • 'cause this is not a real, let's say, job

  • They didn't think it was a thing

  • My dad was afraid

  • They are cambodian's civil war refugees

  • Their only goal was to earn money, enough money to have better life

  • He told me, honestly I didn't believe in you at all

  • but today I'm proud of you

  • My mother started me making video games when I was about 8 years old

  • She learned how to program herself and taught me how to do it

  • So I was making video games ever since I was a little kid

  • My house burned down when I was 9 years old

  • and we were left nothing-no toys, nothing between the 3 brothers

  • and we would use catalogues, and basically bring to life a role playing game

  • using, you know, pen and paper, and our own imagination

  • From there, my mom kind of knew I was gonna explore some things from that creative side

  • She has always been super supportive for that endeavor

  • My mom was super supportive

  • She just gave me a thumbs up and say, go for it

  • My dad was supportive as well, but he think this is super childish

  • and I'm gonna grow out of it one day

  • so now I'm 37 and I'm still haven't grown out of it

  • and I thinks he's very happy for me since how happy I am

  • You know sometimes she will try to tell her friends

  • "Oh my daughter writes for video games"

  • and they'll say, oh what's that like

  • and she'll say, uh, I think she make the words come out of the character's mouth

  • so you know, bless her

  • She supports me, and that's all that matters

  • Now he's happy for me,

  • so I'm glad I did and didn't hide it

  • Don't hide it

  • Explain to them that being in the video game industry

  • isn't just about sitting all day long playing video games

  • If your parents support you, then it's great for you

  • but if your parents does not support you, you should just tell them anyway

  • because I think having your dream job is worth the risk

  • Just be honest, I think, let them know you're passionate about it

  • let them know why you want to go into this

  • Don’t choose your career with your brain,

  • but choose something that your heart tells you to do

  • even though it sounds very cheesy

I remember the day I got home, and I told my dad to sit down

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