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- I am not Casey Neistat.
I'm not Jenna Marbles.
I'm not PewDiePie.
I'm not iJustine.
I'm not MKBHD
I'm not any of those people.
I'm not anyone you're thinking of other than me.
I am Amy Schmittauer, and I do me.
Does that mean I should stop?
Does that mean I don't get to do what I love?
Does that mean my message isn't important?
Does that mean it's time to give up?
Does that mean I don't get to vlog like a boss?
It doesn't mean any of those things.
It just means I'm me, and I'm doing me.
So do you.
If you were bold enough to start, keep going.
If you love what you do, stop letting others decide
whether or not you're worthy of it.
It's so easy to compare yourself to others
because we've basically been programmed
to design our success around vanity metrics
like likes and views and followers.
And sure, those might factor in a little bit,
but they are not everything,
and if they are everything to you
and that's your metric for success, go to town,
but they are not everything for me,
and I really don't think that they are everything for you.
That is not what makes you happy.
That's not why you're doing what you're doing.
That's not why you are brave enough
to get on camera and talk.
And if you haven't yet, that's okay.
I'm giving you permission to be brave enough to talk.
'Cause you're not talking to a camera.
You're talking to a person.
That person needs to hear you.
And the commentators, they're only as valuable
as the time they're spending tearing other people down
instead of building something of their own.
Are the commentators your person?
Are they the person you're doing this for?
Then why are you listening to them?
I'm not.
Do you?
But the active word here is do.
Please, just do.
No one else is going to be in your corner
as much as you need to be right now, period.
They're gonna jump on the bandwagon
when it's convenient for them,
but they won't be around while you're under construction.
Get used to it.
I am not Casey Neistat,
and neither are you.
So do you.
Do you, please.
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4415 Folder Collection
jubi.zheng published on August 21, 2017
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