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So Rosie and I have been together 6 months
...We been together longer than that
Rosie: Yeah
We've been married 6 months
So Rosie and I have been together 6 months and we...
Both: No!
Rose: Shit
Rosie: We been married 6 months

Hold on I can do this
So Rosie and I have been married now for 6 months
and we thought what a fantastic opportunity to play the 'Newly Wed Game'
Rosie: Yay!
Rose: What do you know about the newly wed game?
Rosie: Not much, just that its about the wedding...
Rose: Oh shocker!
Ok, well, here we go, I've got some questions
Rose: I have a hundred questions
Rosie: I have a hundred questions
Oh my God. We went to the same website
How Crazy!
Rosie: Which one of your wife's friends would look best in a bikini?
Rose: Is it a trick question?
Rose: Anna White
Rosie: Anna

Rosie: Anna. Anna looks cracking in a binkini
Rose: How does your partner behave to get out of trouble?
You...erm basically pretend you're orphaned baby penguin
and that your mother has gone and that you're very hungry and orphaned and alone
and you do this... quite often and I fall for it every time.
Rose: 'Baby penguin noises'
Rose: Rosie you are a vegan. You should care about the animals
Rosie: * shock intake of breath *
Rose: When was the last time you and your spouse, that's me, had a long passionate kiss?
Rosie: We just tried to do that upstairs
and you cried from laughter at my face
It's like you looked so ugly (laughs)
Rose: What items of clothing do I wear that you can't stand?
Rosie: hmmm? Err...
Rose: Name just one
Rosie: There's nothing you wear that I can't stand
Rose: Really?
Rosie: Yeah
Rose: Not even my In and Out burger top?
Rose: Who did I ask is that why they call it In and Out
because someone said I went to In and Out Burger and I had diarrhea
and I was like is that why they called it In and Out Burger?
Rose: Was that Cammie?
Rosie: That's what I Said!
Rosie: I made that joke
Rosie: You literally like..er is that the person that made that excellent joke...about..is like..
Rosie: That was my joke!
Rosie: I said that
Rosie: I was...
Rose: Rosie there's no way on earth, right, you made such a good joke, Ok?
Rose: It was you...was it?
Rosie: Yeah
Rose: Who was it to? it was Lindsay?
Rosie: No
Rosie: it was someone said ...em
Rosie: In and Out Burgers gives you diarrhea
and I said 'Oh is that why they call...called it In and Out Burger'
Rose: Yeah...
Yeah it was you
Rosie: When did you last give your wife flowers?
Rose: * Sighs *
Rose: As in my flower? or Flower?
Rosie: No
Rose: I don't know. A number of months ago
Rosie: How...What's the number?
Rose: A high one
Rosie: Have you given me flower this year?
Rose: What year are we in?
Rosie: 2015
Rose: It's unlikely
Rosie: Have you given me any flowers last year?
Rose: What year was that?
Rosie: 2014
Rose: Unlikely
Rose: I think you're better than flowers ok?
I think that flowers are brought for people who are dumb
Who are happy at the smallest things
Rosie: I am not better than that
Rose: Rosie...
I know that babe
Rose: When you wife was 13 years old
What did she most wanted to be in the world?
Rosie: Oh God.
Wait I know this. Didn't you want to be a Cowboy?
Rose: A Cowboy?
There's a big difference between a Cowboy and a Park Ranger
Mostly a actress but never a Cowboy
Rosie: OK
Rose: Apparently my teacher told me in primary school
I don't know why you want to be a 'Park Ranger' Rose
They don't earn that much money
I am like, look I'm not all about the money
How much money are we talking about?
Rose: Way to quash a girl's dream
Should have just been a Cowboy
I make a great Cowboy
Rosie: You would actually
Rose: I know I would
I hate horses
I didn't think it through
Rose: Who would your wife say was the better catch
out of the two of you?
Rosie: Who would you say is the better catch?
Rose: Yeah its the better catch

Rosie: You say you
Rose: Why would I...Why would you think that?
Rosie: And I say me
Rose: Oh you say you?
Rosie: Yeah
Rose: I think I'm a catch
I think I'm a catch for anybody who wants an obnoxious and annoying
very, very intelligent girlfriend
Rose: You think I can't go to a club and be like...
* Click, Click, Click, Click *
Eyes on me. All eyes on me I am in a club
Yeah, I've got my number. I only got it one time.
Whose going to be the lucky winner?
Huh huh?
Rosie: You playing a bingo club? Is that where you at?
A bingo club?
All the eight's, 88
Rosie: You're bingo caller in this scenario?
Cause I don't...
Know what are the numbers come in with the clubs
Rose: * Nods head *
Rosie: Yeah it's a bingo club. Ok.
Rosie: You won the lottery with me Babe
Rose: But it wasn't the Euro millions was it?
Rose: How would you spend the last day of your life?
Rosie: Watch a film maybe the 'Blind Side'
Rose: You watch Sandra Bullock in the 'Blind Side'
Rosie: Yeah I really like that one
Rose: The last day of your life?
Rosie: Yeah
Rose: the last day of your life?
Rosie: Yeah
What'd you do?
Rose: Sandra Bullock's 'Speed'
Rosie: A meteor is headed for your house
Rose: Wait, before you even begin to finish the question
Is Elijah Wood involved?
Rosie: No
Wait, is it that amazing disaster film?
Rose: 'Deep Impact'
Rosie: Is it when he's got a girlfriend and they split up or they stay together and leave his mum?
Rose: No but that sounds like a great film
Rosie: Let's watch it
Rose: Let's write it
Rosie: Yeah. Ok.
Rosie: A meteor is headed to your house
You've saved your family
pet and family photos
Rose: Good
Rosie: You have time to save one more item
What will it...what will you save? I know what it's going to be.
Rose: So all my family, the dog, cat and family photos are good?
Rosie: Yeah.
It's one more item. I think I know what it is.
Rose: The real answer
Would be my laptop
The funny answer
would be my sandwich
So there you go
Rosie: Wait, wait, Wait
Rose: * Sighs *
Rosie: * makes animal noise *
Rose: Goose?
Rosie: * Makes goose sound *
Rose: Goo Goo?
Rosie: * More goose sound *
Rose: Goo Goo is back
Rosie: * Loud deep goose call *
Rose: Rosie
Hold the phone. It's really weird that we pretend to be
hungry baby birds just to get affection out of one another
Rosie: Yeah but it works
Rose: I know
Rosie: It's what keep our marriage alive
Rose: Poultry?
Rosie: * make cute goose call *
Rose: Okay everybody make sure you have a fantastic week
We will be back...er next time with 'Until Dawn' part one
So stay tuned for that
Take care, don't die
Always remember that things can be contagious, especially if they smell
and make sure you say 'Hi' to both your mum and your dad. Alright.
Rosie: Make sure you like this video as well
Why don't you give it a thumbs up because we filmed this today on our 6 months anniversary
Rose: Thumbs up for happily married people
Rosie: Yay! and don't forget to subscribe for more videos like this
Rose: Hey! Ok Guys, take care. See you soon
Both: Bye!
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180 Folder Collection
Lily Lee published on August 19, 2017
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