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Everybody loves their parents, right, Koji?
Uh, not everybody loves their parents,
but I love my parents, yeah.
We asked kids to describe their parents to an illustrator.
[Koji] What's your name?
Nice to meet you, S.J.
Hi, I'm Zoe.
Zoe, is that short for something?
That's a cool name.
Do you know what we're here to do today?
Do some art of course.
We're gonna do some art,
of course.
We're gonna draw your parents.
Does that sound fun?
[Female Offscreen] I know she's sitting over there,
but you can't cheat and look at her, okay?
And, uh,
we can draw your mom or your dad
or we can draw them both if you want.
Can I draw my mom, dad, and grandma?
Do you want to start with your mom or your dad?
Let's say my dad
because he's the weirdest of the family.
Why's he the weirdest?
He farts all the time.
Should we just start drawing then?
My mom has a circle head and
long, straight hair.
He is tall.
About 42 feet.
He's about 42 feet?
Let's start with the basic shape of him.
That's a stick man.
I know.
That's how I start.
Is she tall or short?
My dad said if she was any shorter
she would need a car seat
and wouldn't be allowed to be in the front seat.
I'm closing my eyes.
Should we--
Well, you can open your eyes.
You just can't look over there.
Like that.
Yeah, we can do it like this.
- Grandma has short hair.
She has short hair?
Okay, and it's, like, pretty short?
Should we make her smiling or, ah--
Smoking a cigarette.
Smoking a cigarette?
Uh, do you--
Do you, um,
want to make her smiling or--
Is it big or is it small?
Don't look, don't look.
Like this.
Wait, which one?
You did, you did two faces.
Like that one?
What does his nose look like?
Is it big or small?
It's like all noses.
I'll just draw kind of a generic nose then,
and then you tell me if that looks pretty alright.
That looks horrible.
That looks horrible?
Not his nose.
That looks really like my mom.
Does it?
Is your mom your biological mom?
No, she's really my grandma.
Oh, okay.
I call her "mom" because she raised me.
You want to do your dad or your mom next?
Draw a bear.
A bear?
Should I go for it?
Yeah, okay.
I'll make him a bear.
He's like a big, sleepy bear.
He just sits around all day and sleeps.
Sounds like a great life.
Yeah, because he never brushes his teeth.
How many moms do you have?
Mom, mommy, grumpy--
And AJ.
Should we do Grumpy, too, then?
Are they married?
And I was in the wedding.
Wait, you were in the wedding?
What'd you do in the wedding?
I think I was the flower girl.
Ah, nice.
Do you know how long they've known each other?
Since they were married.
And how, do you know how long they've been married?
Since they got married.
Are your mom and dad married?
No, but he does come to our house,
but I never go to his house.
Oh, okay.
Because his house is too messy.
I remember in the past, she slapped my dad's butt.
Should we make her slapping your dad's butt then?
So she's slapping his butt with one hand.
What should we make him doing?
Oh, cause he's--
Right, cause this whole thing is about that time.
He would be checking
on Instagram to see how many followers I have.
- Okay, so we'll put a phone over here.
That actually kind of looks more like my mom.
How about her hair?
Oh, you're looking, you're looking.
No, I'm not.
It's a little shorter than mine.
It goes up like this.
Oh, like a mohawk, kind of?
No, not like a mohawk.
It's just like
a box.
I think I know what you mean.
I'm going to try and draw it,
and then you can tell me if that looks right.
Kind of.
Trying to get the hair off of your face like that.
Like that?
Since she's a model,
I'm gonna make her do a little bit of a pose.
What's your mom's job?
Oh, it's a very important job.
And what is it?
She's a lawyer
who tries to help bad guys in jail.
I don't know what her job is,
but it might be interesting to--
She's a flight attendant.
Oh, okay.
It's not interesting.
All she does is to get fly around the world.
She does sign language.
Can you teach me something?
Should we make her say "puppy"?
Yeah, okay.
Why is he mad?
Did I make him mad?
Is that better like that?
What do you think?
Does this look anything like them?
Let's show it.
On the count of three, okay?
- Three.
Two and a half.
This is what we think my parents look like.
My mom and my other mom.
This is my dad; this is my mom.
This is my dad, this is my grandma,
this is my mom.
I love Mom and Dad.
I lo-ove you-u.
I love you.
Ugh, the taste of ink.
Hey, I'm Koji the illustrator.
Thanks for watching.
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Kids Describe Their Parents to an Illustrator

2122 Folder Collection
peanuts published on December 4, 2018    B.Y.l translated    Evangeline reviewed
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