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  • I got us a new pet!

  • What?

  • - Is it a cat? -Nope, guess again.

  • - Ahem, ahem. - Oh, a puppy?

  • No, It's a crab.

  • Oh my gosh. Where did you get him?

  • He was on sale at the supermarket.

  • Only $3.99 a pound.

  • He's so cute!

  • He's a good, little crabbie.

  • Oh, look at his little face.

  • What do you think of the name captain Craboo?

  • Wait dude. Don't you want to meet him?

  • The internet says you should pat its butt to be friends.

  • Here. Let me help you.

  • Nothing to be afraid of.

  • See? Gentle pats.

  • He needs to smell you so he can get used to your musk.

  • Oh, he likes you.

  • (snap! snap!)

  • (grunts) (both gasp)

  • (groans)

  • You okay? dude?

  • - Um, Let me get that for you... - Ah!

  • Oh, he's going. I got you.

  • Get him. He's going out the door.

  • Oh, missed him.

  • Your way, your way.

  • Ah, get a chair.

  • - Ow, ow, ow, ow. -I'll go get some tape.

  • Stay down. Stay, stay.

  • Uh, we only have plastic wrap.

  • Talk to me, dude.

  • (speaking gibberish)

  • Forget this. I'll take off the crab myself.

  • Ow!

  • Oh, you saucy Craboo.

  • Dude, I think we need help.

  • Okay, give me your phone. I'll take care of it.

  • Hurry.

I got us a new pet!

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A2 US ow ow ow crab snap dude ahem

Saucy Crab I We Bare Bears I

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    小瑜 posted on 2021/03/11
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