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Hello, I'm Ray!
Today I'm going to share my tips for public speaking!
It's been a while since we've done an English Corner video,
so in a moment we'll start with the English portion of the video.
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Yeah, I know.
It’s been quite some time since I did a video completely in English.
Last time I remember it was the video about swear words?
Which was like…what?
Five years ago?
But anyway I’m back now.
I feel like it’s necessary for us
to put out at least one video completely in English per month
so that you guys can practice your English listening
or to see if you've improved.
So as you can see in the title today,
we’re talking about giving speeches.
I’ve always thought highly of public speaking.
And I remember back in the days in high school
I attended this leadership program in the U.S.
and I experienced the best speech of my life.
He was a motivational speaker who was talking about
how we should “map out our lives and find our passion.”
Though it’s a pretty generic topic, I know,
but the presentation he put up is pure gold.
He’s vibrant,
he’s thoughtful,
he’s inspirational.
All those things.
That’s why when I came back to Taiwan from the camp,
I decided to join the debate club.
There was no public speaking club,
so I thought, "Oh,
maybe in the debate club I could learn how to speak."
Fast forward to three years later.
I didn’t get to do much public speaking at all,
I spent most of the time studying and researching for a debate,
and when it’s finally my chance to speak,
I always get interrupted.
But I didn’t give up.
In college, I signed up for a lot of public speaking courses
and I continued to train myself to speak.
I’m always the one volunteering for reports,
and I even got first place in a schoolwide English Speech Contest,
beating international students.
Wait, do I sound like I’m bragging?
So long story short,
I’ve put a lot of work into becoming a good speaker.
It’s partly the reason why I can be a good YouTuber,
because I can express myself logically
and make you care about what I have to say.
Having said that,
I enjoy going to speeches.
I have in fact went to over eighty speeches
ever since the start of my YouTube career.
Some were in schools,
some were in companies,
some were for YouTube itself.
I have to say,
giving a good speech gives you such a great sense of achievement,
much more than anything else I’ve ever done.
Especially when you go off the cuff
and come up with ways to interact with your audience
and make them laugh.
Yeah, that’s some quality freestyling right there.
And though I no longer go to a lot of speeches anymore,
we have 3 videos every week,
that’s a lot of work, you know.
I still wanted to share with you 3 tips
that will make your speech stand out.
The Hook
With this first tip,
you will learn how to captivate your audience from the first minute.
That’s exactly how a hook works.
Instead of saying flat out,
“I’m gonna talk about this this and that.”
Try to produce a hook.
Put your point behind problems people want to solve
or answers people wish to seek.
So use that as an effective hook.
Make people care about the point you’re trying to make.
That way people get hooked to what you have to say,
and stay attentive until you give them the takeaway.
The Interaction
What a lot of speakers tend to forget
is that they need to interact with their audience.
A good speech is not like a good lecture.
You are not there to spew knowledge onto the listeners.
You are there to make a presentation,
guide the thought process
and inspire questions and solutions.
So throughout the speech,
you should plan ways to interact with your audience.
It can be through polling,
you can ask a key question.
It can be anything to get your audience to take a break from just listening
and interact with you.
Do this and you will find your audience
to be more attentive and focused.
The Surprise
This is the secret guiding principle
when I’m designing my speeches.
I try to give my audience surprises.
I find that things out of the ordinary
or not to be expected creates a comedy effect.
When you poise yourself obviously to say one thing
but then, in the next moment,
turn entirely to something else.
That creates surprise.
I can even quote Aristotle on this:
“The secret to humor is surprise.”
So next time try creating a surprise for your audience,
you will be pleasantly surprised.
So that’s what I’ve got in store for you today.
My secrets to a good speech.
Hopefully you can take those up your sleeves
and use it when the time comes.
Wait, are you still watching?
Okay, good.
For those of you who want to brush up on your English presentation skills,
I’ve got something else for you.
It’s my new course on YOTTA! Woah! Yay!
Yeah so long story short,
I recently launched a YOTTA course that’s all about
taking you through the preparation of an English presentation.
So if you’re interested,
go ahead and click on this link to check it out
and I’ll also put the link in the description box.
The whole course is about an hour long,
so I’ll really go in depth into, like,
the principles, the tips,
and actual things you can say in a presentation.
All that good stuff.
It’s great, it’s nice, it’s fantastic, it’s huge.
I don't know what else I can say about it.
Just go check it out.
Yeah, so the reason I finally made another English Corner
is to sell my own product.
If you liked the video, please give it a like
and share it with classmates that you think would benefit from these tips!
Remember that I put out new videos every Monday and Thursday
at 9:00 pm!
Thanks for watching as always,
and I’ll catch you guys next time.
See ya~~~
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My secret to a good speech!

64706 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on September 14, 2017    Crystal Wu translated    Samuel reviewed
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