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*intro song playing*
Hello everybody! Welcome back to my kitchen
I know you love when I do baking
I know you love it even more when I do quick and easy treats
So today I am gonna show you how I created
five very quick, very easy things that you can do
if you're having a Christmas party or you're having
your friends around or you can pick and choose a couple
of your favourites to treat yourself on a cold, miserable
winter's day
So let's get started!
The first treat I'm gonna be chatting you trough
are some chocolate orange cookies
Now, I am using my lovely friend Tanya Burr's recipe
but instead of Daim bars I am adding tiny little
Terry's Chocolate Orange Segments which are flipping delicious
First thing you're gonna wanna do is put 200 grams of
unsalted butter at room temperature in a bowl
Next thing you want to add is 300 grams of caster sugar
Sounds like a lot, is a lot
obiviously eat these in moderation
And then using my trusty hand whisk
I'm gonna cream this together until it's really
soft and fluffy
Next you need to crack in one medium sized egg
and beat that in
If you don't have a hand whisk
ask for one for Christmas because
it honestly is just the best thing
Now it's time to add in all your dry ingredients
So we have 275 grams of self-rising flour
and 75 grams of cocoa powder
And then you also want to add a little bit of milk
just until you feel like the consistency isn't as dry
And back to whisk
Now all your ingredients are combined
and you have cookie dough
It's time to add your chocolate
I like to use Milkybar
I feel like if you're not the biggest fan of white chocolate
it really doesn't matter in these
because it just works
Generally I don't really eat white chocolate on its own
but in these cookies it's amazing
And then I'm gonna add a bit of Dairy Milk
And then my little segments of Terry's Chocolate Orange
This is essentially like
cholesterol in a bowl
These cookies are not for the faint hearted
okay, it's all I'm saying
Once you've combined everything together
on your baking trays lined with some baking sheet
you just want to grab a big old handful
Now I actually do put a lot
into one cookie
I'm not too sure if Tan is watching this
She might say I make them too big
but I quite like them like this
And just gonna shove a little orange segment
in the top of that one
Ooh, that's gonna be a good one
Once you've got them all lined out
on your baking tray
depending on the size that you wanna go for
I've gone to quite big so I've got seven out of that
But if you wanna go smaller you'll get a couple more
You want to pop them in a pre-heated oven
at 200 degrees celcius
for ten to eleven minutes
One thing that will confuse you a lot
is that they won't look baked
Take them out, it's absolutely fine
and then leave them to set on the side
for thirty minutes
before tucking into them
The second treat are very easy
very straightforward
gingerbread truffles
Now, I absolutely love gingerbread all year round
but I feel like this video would not be
a Christmas Treats video
if I didn't have some gingerbread in it
First thing you are going to want to do
is get an entire pack of gingernut biscuits
And using a blender or a processer
or something that is going to crush these
into very very fine breadcrumbs
you're gonna want to pop those all in there
This looks like it's sponsored by Nutribullet
It isn't
Now that you have a bowl
full of very fine gingerbread crumbs
you need to get yourself some cream cheese
and using a spoon you simply want to spoon in
a generous dollop
You wanna mix this together until you reach
the perfect consistency
So you want it so that as you roll it
it just forms a ball
You don't wanna make it too wet with the cream cheese
so you have to be quite careful with this bit
This is really messy
and very sticky
Tastes delicious though!
You now want to bring together
the mixture
and make small balls
like so
and pop them down on a tray with a baking sheet
Feel free to make these any size you want by the way
I like them kind of generously mouth-sized
so you can pop the whole thing in if you wanted to
if you are feeling daring
or you can bite it in half
and then you've got more in one
Now you want to pop these in the freezer
for thirty minutes
just so they go hard
Now that your little cheesecake balls have
hardened in the freezer
it is time
to dip them in melted white chocolate
which I have just melted
this isn't just something you can buy unfortunately
We would all love that
So, using a cocktail stick
you want to stick it into your ball
as far in as you can go
but don't go too far because then it will
come out the other end
And you simply want to
twist it in the chocolate
making sure to coat
every little bit
Once you've coated just tap it on the side of the bowl
and gently spin it
just to get off any excess chocolate
And then place it down on the paper
And you have to decorate it now
because they've been frozen
the chocolate sets quite quickly
So I'm using some chocolate sprinkles
and popping those on the top
So I've done four of them with the chocolate sprinkles
but the other remaining four
I'm gonna do slightly differently
So I'm gonna do what I did before
and coat them in the chocolate
and we're just gonna leave them there
Now with the last four I am just going to use
a squeezey tube of chocolate icing
and I'm gonna do some decorating
Like something from Thorntons
And there you go
That is your completed gingerbread cheesecake truffles
These next treats are Christmas tree brownies
which I saw on Pinterest and I just had to
give them a go because they looked amazing
First thing you need to do is to pre-heat your oven
to a 170 degrees celcius
and grease and line a brownie tin
though I have that already
Also, I'm using a brownie mix from a box
which I know some people won't wanna do
and that's fine if you can find the recipe
or you can make really kick-ass brownies
then you can use your own
But because I wanted to make this quite quick and easy
and actually the fun is in the decorating
I'm using trusty Betty Crocker today
So, you wanna do the really hard task of
emptying the bag into a bowl
Be careful
this could go very wrong
This is where I now open the bag
and it goes everywhere and actually does go wrong
Okay, there we go
Next thing you want to do is add
three tablespoons of vegetable oil,
five taplespoons of water
and one medium egg
And then all that's left for you to do
is mix that together
Then you literally wanna pour this into you baking tin
This then needs to go into the oven
for twenty to twenty-five minutes
Once your brownie has completely cooled down
You wanna take it out
of your tin
and peel it off
Then you want to cut your brownie
into Christmas tree shaped triangles
Once you have cut out your triangles from your brownie
it is time to make some very green
Christmas tree icing
And you can of course make this from a scratch
if you want to
but because we're trying to do this really quick and easy
and I've got all my guests arriving very soon
I'm going to use some more
Betty Crocker vanilla icing
And no, this video is not sponsored by Betty Crocker
So I'm gonna spoon that into a bowl
I'm then gonna add some Americolor electric green
You can get green food colouring
it's probably better to use a gel
I really like these, I got these on eBay
just because I feel like the American colours are really
actually very vibrant and that's exactly what I want
And then using our trusty food bag
we're gonna spoon the icing in
Twist it for your makeshift icing bag
and then snip off the corner
Now, you can snip off quite a big bit if you want your
Christmas tree swirls to be quite
wide and take up quite a lot of the brownie
or you can trim off a really tiny bit
I'm gonna go for a tiny bit on these ones
And then you just want to start at the top
and work your way down to the bottom
So now that you've done your little Christmas tree wiggles
it's time to decorate
So I have these, some gold and silver and white stars
I'm gonna sprinkle some of these on
Now, this bit is quite difficult
You want some stalks for your Christmas tree
So, we're gonna break some mini candy canes
where they bend
because we don't need the bent bit
And we're gonna stick it up the bottom
of the Christmas tree
And there we go
Your Christmas tree brownies
For this next treat I'm gonna show you how to make
chocolate rice krispie Christmas puddings
These are so cute
The first thing you're gonna need to do is
put 50 grams of unsalted butter into a sauce pan
and melt on low heat
You need to add a 180 grams of marshmallows
and continue to stir until the marshmallows
have fully melted
Once the marshmallows have fully melted
take them off the heat and add
100 grams of rice krispies and mix together
Leave that to the side and then in a bowl
over boiling water you need to melt
200 grams of milk chocolate
Once you have you rice krispies and marshmallow
and your melted chocolate
you want to combine the two together
All you want to do is simply roll them up
into little balls and pop them on a lined baking tin
Then you just need to pop this in the fridge
to chill for ten minutes
Now that your rice krispie balls have cooled down
in the fridge, all you need is
a freezer bag and some melted white chocolate
And you just want to pull that down into the corner
unless you have a lot of piping bags available
but this is kind of a quick hack
Fold over the bag
and just twist it as you would with the piping bag
and then what you're gonna wanna do is
just cut a very teeny piece of
the corner of the bag
And then because we wanna make these look like
little Christmas puddings
you just wanna do a little dollop of white chocolate
on the top
And don't worry, it does run down the sides
but that's what you want it to do
So it doesn't need to be neat
and the chocolate does set quite quickly
For pieces of holly I'm just using
little tiny green tree sprinkles
And I'm just gonna stick two in
side by side
Then for the red berries I'm gonna use
these tiny little red balls that are part of this
very festive little pack of sprinkles
And I'm gonna pop two of those on per
Christmas pudding
Ta-da! So there you go
Those are your little mini
Christmas pudding rice krispie balls
You just wanna leave them on the side
so the white chocolate can set
or you can pop them back in the fridge
And for the last treat we are doing some
Pretzel wreaths
Which is just a really fun, very quick
and very easy way to make pretzels
a little bit more delicious
First thing you're gonna wanna do is
melt some white chocolate
or if you prefer you can use milk chocolate
or dark chocolate
Get yourself some salted pretzels
and starting on the curly end
you wanna dip this in your white chocolate
only half way
And you wanna make this very cute little star effect
Then going back in with more pretzels
but this time with the pointed end
Dip that half way into the chocolate
and pop that in between two of the pretzels
That is your pretzil wreath
The only thing I'm going to do
is to put a little bit of white chocolate
just around it just to make sure it's
cementing the pretzels together
Now you have your melted white chocolate
that has formed your prezel wreath
You can decorate it however you like
I have quite the selection of festive sprinkles
so I'm gonna go to town
Let's get some of these on
They're so cute!
So, there you go
That is how how you make pretzel wreaths
You can then tie a little bit of string in them
if you wanna hang them like an actual wreath
or you just eat them
So I'm gonna pop these in the fridge now to set
and then I will get them out later
to display
for my fake party that I'm not really having
even though it looks like I am
and I probably should 'cause I'm never
gonna be able to eat all this myself
So there we go!
This is my table of Christmas treats
I am so happy with every single thing
I have made today
I feel like there's something for everybody
but of course very chocolaty, very sweet
so make sure you're making these within moderation
So I really hope you guys enjoyed this video
Make sure if you create any of these
to tag me on Twitter and Instagram
so I can see them
and let me know what you think
Give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it
and I will see you again tomorrow
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Quick & Easy Festive Treats | Zoella

243 Folder Collection
Chan Shuk Han Connie published on August 16, 2017
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