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  • The price of oil has tankedmajorly tankedfour times in the past three decades.

  • In each time, it's been because a glut of oil has flooded the market.

  • It's pretty simple: more supply than demand makes oil cheap.

  • Now, the reason for the oversupply has been different each time,

  • but the outcome has always been the same.

  • It takes months, sometimes years, for the oil market to correct itself.

  • Back in the mid-80s, oil production surged in Alaska and other parts of the US.

  • Saudi Arabia confronted the threat by opening its taps,

  • and prices plunged more than 60%, to ten dollars a barrel

  • about twenty dollars today.

  • US producers suffered, Saudi Arabia regained the control of the market,

  • and it wasn't until four years later, in 1990,

  • that prices went back to pre-1986 levels.

  • A decade later, OPEC increased production

  • because of increased demand coming from Asia,

  • but the timing couldn't have been worse.

  • A financial crisis erupted across the region,

  • demand plummeted, and once again prices collapsed almost as low as ten dollars a barrel.

  • OPEC quickly reversed its decision and slashed production,

  • and the next year, prices more than doubled.

  • The oil market suffered the steepest crash in history in 2008,

  • because of the global recession.

  • When the economic tanked, so did the demand for oil,

  • the prices fell 78%, to about thirty dollars a barrel.

  • OPEC stepped in and agreed to its biggest ever production cuts,

  • which helped the price recover through 2009.

  • That brings us to the most recent oil glut.

  • American oil output has almost doubled in the past five years

  • because of shale production.

  • But OPEC has refused to cut back.

  • There's roughly enough oil in storage

  • to power the entire developed world for two months.

  • Prices dropped more than 70% to less than thirty dollars a barrel.

  • And with both OPEC and the major US producers not significantly cutting back,

  • recovering from this slump might take even longer than in the past.

The price of oil has tankedmajorly tankedfour times in the past three decades.

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