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A Letter to Nick Vujicic
November 29, 2017
Dear Nick,
It's a pleasure to be able to write this letter to you.
I thought I would never be good enough for anything,
but your story has planted a seed of hope in my mind.
To tell you the truth, my life has hit rock bottom.
I can't do anything right because I'm not good at sports,
I do badly at school, and I can't even tell a joke.
Basically, I am a loser.
I thought that I should just give up,
but then my friend, Emily, showed me your TEDTalk video.
In it, you said, “No arms. No legs. No worries,”
when you shared your life as a man without arms or legs.
Even though you had to face all types of problems in learning and making friends at school,
you just kept praying and never gave up.
Now, you're a famous writer and speaker,
and your story has cheered up many young people.
After watching your video, I am filled with hope.
I feel I can rise above my problems.
I believe that even a nobody like me can get somewhere in life.
I hope one day I can become a person with a big heart like you.
Your fan,
John Lee
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1723 Folder Collection
Jerry published on August 16, 2017
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