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  • Record Scratching These people are waiting...

  • These people are waiting for the appearance of a living legend

  • We're going to schedule one song and one song only

  • Peace, ProfessorD back to flow and interrupt your regularly scheduled program

  • this just in and it's disgustin' January 18th we gotta take action

  • From Chicago this is Breaking News of Rahmbo's shameful ruse to aim to use

  • the pretense of the G8/NATO Protest to prevent the rise of the 99%

  • Rahm Emanuel's been reading the wrong manuals How to grind down the bill of rights to small

  • granules And rob every last one starting with the first

  • amendment Truth hurts and Rahm and his friends' been

  • all offended So the municipal code they want

  • Amended, protests ended by bureaucratically entangling angeling strangling

  • mangling any avenue of legally gathering to protest

  • anything that the government frowns upon they want more power to crack down upon

  • ridiculous prohibitive regulations on demonstrations so its impossible not to fail

  • Rahm says 'sit down and shut up but don't sit in unless

  • you wanna get carted off to jail' Fines are up, jail terms are longer

  • And don't look for no help from Obama This in the wake of that disgraceful fact

  • He signed the National Defense Authorization Act

  • habeas corpus and the Magna Carta, both gone by a president constitutional lawyer

  • now's the first time since civil war the military can operate on US soil

  • Rahm's slate will inflate the police state deputize mercenaries to brutalize visionaries

  • if arrogant American's thought it would stop at backwaters

  • now all Americans could get shot by "Blackwaters" excuse me "Academi" they're happily paid

  • to kill Afghani's and Iraqi's now we're next for the raid

  • And they'll actually act as if passive resistance is active nullifying nonviolence (tactics)

  • The insidious meaning is simply civil disobedience Is seen by this regime as reason to meet out

  • a blood beating making peaceful revolution impossible,

  • make violent revolution inevitable. In the wake of the MLK holiday they

  • Wanna celebrate by takincivil rights away So we gotta take the fight toem right

  • away Straight up it's a stick up y'all know hands

  • up Let's woman and man up Chicago stand up

  • First, give your alderman a call say defend the constitution or there'll be

  • an uproar If your outside Chi you can still get a go

  • call Rahm and tell him why he's an asshole (312-744-5000)

  • Then, on January 17th come meet us all 99% takinit straight to City Hall

  • If ya fight for your rights than Rahm wanna fine you

  • That dude cray (crazy) If ya fight for your rights than Rahm wanna

  • jail you That dude cray (crazy)

Record Scratching These people are waiting...

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