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Hello Hello everybody I was white
today do we want to continue to play Big Adventure
Yes it does actually on a set
In fact, on a set time
I have that
= = not accidentally fall
is that
Well I did not torch
Finally, I dug in the wrong place
directly buried in the following
Then just another pitch-dark
been disorderly fumble stuff
think of ways to get brighter
YES YES YES YES card on to
but that was gone for some videos
then today I do not know why so many owls Hey
today is how
magic day it
owl immediate concern will be out what
us to experiment a bit better
did not shed something
Oh lost
out feathers
Okay very common thing
that we look at our the last time was that
many many really good heart wood
tin that it
us what we come and collect this
explosion plum fruit
We can then be used to throw him
Ha ha ha
This explosion Mei really feel super powerful Hey
This explosion plum fruit can also be used to seed it
seems only used to throw right
us to throw an owl
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Sorry
just feel good fun oh my god
I should explode plum fruit collection point right
you you you have ideas like this on the right
Yes we want to have some more explosion plum fruit
those explosions plum fruit are used to collect
then you can row into a tut
arms Cave
Oh Tut
this can knock's okay
I'm going to explode plum fruit species in my home here
his kind in a row
anyway, he is has been long on
This is called the explosion plum fruit
too praised
later I can get used to each other these explosions plum fruit
Tut Terrific right
Hey this is how a lot of owl
today is the owl section do not ah
I do with the fate of the little owl ah
strange is not surprising
Our olivine also can be used to do
It looks pretty good Oh
Click our X
him can be used as a period
shoes and breastplate
draft as well as olivine is invisible
there olivine lamp
brick with Period
And this is very strange
This in the end is what ah
then I will not be using Hey
modules that I might not be playing
ah olivine series equipment it
quite stick
us look good sword olivine
not right olivine sword is also transparent
we do a good sword
I always felt our swords good weak Hey
our swords have no attack power
sword swordsman who do
though I'm not sword man
but I am willing to do Swordsman
do a
I knew
he was
olivine sword
a completely invisible stealth sword
I now seem to have it in there to get it
feeling Ha ha ha
strange not see ah Oh
Ha ha ha super strange
We fragments can be used to look at the Boss why well
wow woo handsome Oh
these are fragments Hey boss
Hey we remember
have a thing with him looks a lot like oh
Right right right here boss debris 2
do not know these two
this this this will be collected Hey what happened
We owl eggs summoned
clams with lost Oh
What is true
snore oh
well I would like to use some of this
I I I had to use some sword
lend me cut about
well uh well
Because I want him to show this and green
otherwise I would think there nothing
Oh you big eyes Oh
enough to argue you really enough
Why are so many owls ah
ha ha ha
regardless of our first
collect what we
collect about
this this this this also fast broken wood
Throw into
us today to collect at our
mature stuff
This is my sweet potato
to kind of go
Okay, this is my
= = ah
some Taiwanese read in some time
some people will read into strawberry
some people will read into strawberry
Seems different areas will have different pronunciation
that some people like to read will read into milk
that in some places will be read into milk
to seem almost friends
carrots can be considered to find many friends
carrots also grow one kind
Well anyway, we gold carrot
Oh Jin does not eat carrots
Ha ha ha we are the carrot to entice gold donkey
or horse bar
of charm
we still have grass it
we have to kind of look at strawberry
strawberries actually quite small
then might have to come back
this agricultural land ah
Extend outward point
because we only
We are now a variety of species that
What is the Miscellaneous
planted on Miscellaneous
Hey can not grow cucumbers
cucumber only
can not eat a raw
cooked pork chops
we have quite diversify our cuisine
there find
good OK
we now have
equipment and some others did not
We can use the equipment to do a set
good things
then the way we think of iron
ah copper copper copper copper
we take the copper burn
look at what copper can be used to do
quite curious
we are still missing equipment
and that we make a breastplate
ah Nah shoes
put him
this durable also running out
This is a chain we'll
create a hat
are replaced by iron series
it should also
this is the chain pants
do almost the entire ah
ha ha ha
it's really almost do the entire ah
Then we put the equipment to go into
just in case we die
we have something to wear
something lay eggs voice
yes owl do
owl eggs
who is that one
I hear Oh
Oh see who's egg
True Hey Hey owls lay eggs
Oh so cool
We take a look to upgrade
upgrade See good
We take a look to upgrade
Let's start with a hat upgrade
hope become strong
down about
nest woo
really want to become the king of the momentum
like that very sacred
Series of
Just like the up and down
This is a very special manuscript
as we take him here
Then the manuscript to throw into
We also two
we used to do
us we have two Hey
can be used to do
ah I want to hammer
At least one right
Hey do not have a lot a
us to do a good hammer
I do not know what effect it
= = good hammer with
attack power plus 6
this is why the ah
oh on oh
him right there by that Hey
that will jump jet
Oh handsome
Let's sleep
Tomorrow we go to the following World War
We now have improved a lot
a lot of very strong equipment
should be able
play a very good inning
go Let's go
Wow this is really torch
is over a period of time to extinguish all Hey
small bat
Torch should not disappear below it
Not so fast it
last time we came here
you super fierce
here I remember all to get rid of a
also become very clean
finished we have to dig a little gravel
do two flint
There he slowly burn Never mind
I remember that this is my place of explosion
Right, right pair is a here
here should be my attack war successfully it
did not see what the monster Hey
is not the case
you think so
Oh that side dark Oh
dig up their first born strange brick
but fortunately they did not born Hey
strange Oh
not so strange
good insurance
students are not the best
OK not
a Iron sword
there mutton
others do not
Oh here here here
here is that
Oh, it's beautiful here
look look
You see the Watergate Hey
handsome Oh
there is a
gratifying to feeling
I went into the water world
Oh see anything
a black hemp
this is quite handsome the Watergate
You can see out
Then he looks to see this piece of virtue
ah today was quite quiet
I really like a very leisurely pace
I feel like this tut
very leisure
this is the main axis of wheat block
is boring
Oh Oh
is so boring
But very rich
he will himself slowly sink Hey
that following that spider silk
do nice
No wonder I think say how how such peace
how can such a good thing
really snore
nest Oh
climb up
walked away
Oh sword attack very, very
good good
end things go
I want to say how could such a peace
play more strange
should they ferocious fishes ah
how can girls
is so quiet right
not really
which it would it would it would offend a lot of people
Hey you are
You are skeleton sword bow bow
only a small
Why is the door open ah
oh oh oh
They will open the door
Oh, they beat themselves with each other
them saying
How dare you call me a throne
Sit down
uh you can not talk to me ah okay
you will continue
Continue you will continue to play you ah
Do not talk to me doing it
Okay Oh
In fact, there is no way
I do not hit you too hard on ah
Do not look at me that the little sword olivine Oh
I have forgotten his dying effect
but our defense has improved significantly Hey
There is something
Oh my god
this dying very, very painful
not like this
been giving him this fight
ah hard to deal with it
here against me here against me
I have to I have to retreat back
against me against me
first back to back
I had any brains
Play Big Adventure where's so-called peace ah
even installed all give way
little terror
first to eat a thing
that since they in that way
Well that block right
that we use a light into the formula
with the use of light into our formula to slowly destroy them
That use it
see my Tutorial
families are not doing the dishes
we intend to dig here last thing
and then you see
will see them raw brick strange thing
ah see it
put their students to dig up strange brick
you see here a space dug up
But I feel like
the original is hidden in here Oh
that here we should see
right right right we have just drag out a valley something
You look at this You can also see their side raw brick strange here
first knock to knock down
I I I had baked potato Hey
I want to eat baked potato
This is not a brick
ore throw into
uh good
recorded music had a lot of EMC
but currently we do not have that EE2
not control him so it does not matter
anyway, there will be encountered
I say to you, really
it's not just one or two days is good
Oh my god
Eat something to eat something
Oh no
They broke up
away away away
their diverse equipment
Oh my god he is the sword of
also Enchanting Hey
took the scissors also terror
ha ha ha too much of it
you are queuing Oh
Hey I'm not here what hypermarkets
ha ha ha queuing die
that withered hiding there
oh dislike
do not like dying
do not feel like dying
Oh Oh my god
Oh my god
etc. click
let me breathe
Well, let me breathe
they really something the matter
he was horror Hey
uh something to eat
I need something to eat
Explosion eat my plum fruit
It is here
attack Super
really quite low anyway
that I should enhance the brightness near their side
ah look at their side to enhance the brightness
reduce their raw strange hey evil
reduce their birth rates strange
how could
you do not dig their
You you you do not dig them that
summon something that in fact they would have been born
I have to think of a strategy
it and you told me the idea was not the same as it
we go down magma good
we went down magma
perhaps this trick helpful
ha ha ha
We went magma
magma should not not be
should not be hard to find it
right magma
Hey My iron
= = this is what the black
etc. Oh
Boss debris 1
Hey Hey get the boss debris 1
durable running out
all in relation with the manuscript
= Hey =
Down slightly
good iron got to get the
have it
good fishing we finished magma
we go down on them a little
bit too
I too strange for them
ha ha ha
first good when you come to the first
ah ah you so dense
Oh Oh
There is a running away
her efforts on the run
there Useful
this good
for them is quite
pretty pain friends
dig up slightly
ready first stone
can always block them up
OK temporarily they do not born
forget to prepare flint
oh oh
oh ah
oh oh oh
dying effect
Do you feel for them is quite magma
heavy attack
you want them to see so much right
nest evil
attacked us from above
Oh hey evil
he would from that point of view
sneak attack me
What are they doing
close to close to
afraid of dying magma Oh
like a skeleton Hey
skull dying
good horror Oh
Can you not be so
you two can not such a terrible ah
magma were killed
not kill you, then you still
ha ha ha, what else can you
Ha ha ha
Oh I can not think of a more
better describe
I think they really horrible
away away away
us play a useless thing still have to
For ah
personally resolve them down
else you'll waiting to be spectacular
not much they amount
let them inside
Not here does not burn yeah Hey
Come on
There tasty magmatic Oh
Come to
little bit closer not my Austrian friends
your friends to
Oh, they really opened horrible, right
Hey there are also two
carefully this strategy Terrific
is how you
Came ah
away Oh
can not
can not sneak to the side
leaned over a little
skeleton bow that too much of it
most of them from the inside deep
snore God
Oh too can Pale Ba
regardless first
it is simply a fight with a woman
So you can
He was not afraid
He was not afraid of this
but I am also very high attack power Hey
Why do I bow ah
I found a high attack power of bow ah
just too much trouble to bow away
now while
direct point Ouch Nah
It is a direct ignition
Why is there will emerge
oh oh oh ignition ignition ignition
this whole row students are not strange brick Hey
implying here
Oh saw
this bow attack super high Hey
swords he shot dead
How will this wood ah
Oh I put
Why is there so much a
good black Oh
get a little torch
pants lost
do not need pants
Oh well mushroom soup
stone throw into
wow woo
Oh here is where ah
How much skull ah
Woo Oh
animate around him strange brick
I feel
you right
I knew
here should there
no good here
ultra fast
clear channel
uh potatoes
there can eat
super fast emptying
here should be considered in the end to put right
We come here all the way as if the only way Hey
behind it
This is no road
we succeeded Hey
we look at what is inside the box
we just still pretty intense right
Hey we quite powerful ah you see we've
hit here come
here has
cast iron protective guard fitted Hey
There are 9 Hey lot root Oh
Oh Nah
how to speak up strange
9 root root lot Hey Oh
ha ha ha how
Hey there iron Horse armor
I seem to remember the last time we get diamonds Horse armor
Hey, that
Oh I remember that we here here
place is that we go
from the spider hole Well
= = spider pit seems to go forward
is here right right right
we just straight
straight forward
We will to our place of
is the rest stop
Well now I know the road
that we go
upstairs this episode we also
quite road
play should be said quite on the
but what we bring back this very rich
and we did not die today
there there
We are not dead today Hey
our super Today Today
my house soon become evil lair
What the
What is going on
I saw instead was a little queasy
ha ha ha how will
You group which in the end is how the matter
fall from the sky to do
Oh my god
a lot of sister ah
swim in the water
Ha ha ha ha ha
fishing Oh sister Oh Oh
ha ha ha
there is no one to catch my sister
operator you a two hundred Oh well
remitted to your account, click and then I was arrested
Oh Oh
lot Oh
what career you want ah
Oh Oh
I do not want to see them anymore friends
Oh my gosh
= = Oh my gosh that is terrible
in fact, there is a way ah
If I want to be a little more
If the island, then
so the more ways Island
like this
Just a little slow
I have to say
this method is very slow
Well come back another day to catch you
I do not want to waste too much time
ah This episode is almost to here
we have been playing
56 minutes
my clips, then
also needs cutting it almost
about it
We first mineral throw into
What I live here today ended OK
So Thank you for watching
next time we see
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593 Folder Collection
Yo-Yo幽幽 published on August 16, 2017
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