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NOVUS Summit, United Nations 07.17.2016
presented Jacque Fresco an award for city design
In 1974,
Jacque Fresco appeared on Larry King’s show.
This is how the interview begins.
[Larry King] My guest is an extraordinary Miamian: Dr. Jacque Fresco.
I could go through all the things that Dr. Fresco has done.
He's a social engineer, industrial engineer, designer, inventor,
consultant - was a consultant - for Rotorcraft Helicopter,
Director of Scientific Research Laboratories Los Angeles,
designed and copyrighted various items,
ranging from drafting instruments to X-ray units,
has had works published in the Architectural Record, Popular Mechanics, Saturday Review,
and has been a technical and psychological consultant to the motion picture industry,
member of the Air Force design and development unit at Wright Field,
developed the electrostatic anti-icing systems,
designed prefabricated aluminum houses…
What does it say on your driver’s license?
What is the occupation?
[Jacque Fresco] Industrial designer… social engineer.
- Does it bug you that
people, when they talk about Jacque Fresco in Miami,
say that he's someone who's too far ahead of his time, his thinking is-
we're not ready for advanced kind of thinking, of that type.
- I imagine every creative person in every field
encounters that sort of problem.
No, it doesn't. I can't afford it;
there’s too many things that are important.
For the past 85 years,
Jacque Fresco has blessed us
with his unwavering commitment and uncompromising work
to re-engineer a better future.
He is the founder of The Venus Project,
which integrates science and technology
into a comprehensive plan for a new society
based on human and environmental concerns.
The Venus Project proposes a system in which automation and technology
are intelligently integrated into a holistic,
socio-economic design,
where the primary function is to maximize the quality of life
rather than profits.
Jacque Fresco has recently celebrated his 100th birthday!
And he couldn't join us today but he is watching us right now.
On behalf of all of us Mr. Fresco,
thank you and your partner Roxanne Meadows,
for your vision, your tireless research,
extraordinary life achievements,
and everlasting legacy.
Mr. Fresco, we are beginning to get there.
We are beginning to get ready for this advanced kind of thinking.
We are getting there, and you have been a critical force
for that change.
Please, a warm round of applause for Mr. Jacque Fresco!
This is Julio, who will pick up the award.
[Jacque Fresco] I am deeply honored
and appreciate this prestigious recognition
for my work with city design.
These cities are part of a broader picture
that I've dedicated my life towards.
My aim was to identify the root causes
of the problems we face today,
and propose alternatives for them.
I concluded it was the social design itself
that creates the unnecessary human suffering,
when at the same time we have the technical ability
and the resources that can surpass our present conditions.
[Roxanne Meadows] Jacque proposes a new holistic
socioeconomic design he calls a Resource Based Economy,
in which the methods of science and technology
are integrated to maximize the quality of life for all people.
This project also introduces a set of practical values
to give people a better understanding of our relationship
to one another, and the environment.
One fundamental premise is that we work toward
having all of the Earth’s resources as the common heritage
of all the world's people.
It requires the intelligent management of Earth's resources
in order to achieve a high standard of living
for the entire global population.
Anything less will simply result in a continuation
of the same problems we have today.
This also incorporates a systems approach to architecture
which is in harmony with nature.
All cities will be designed to operate
with a minimum expenditure of energy
using the cleanest technology available.
We are now organizing to initiate the very first city,
under our recently formed 501c3 organization
called Resource Based Economy.
We welcome your inquiry and participation
to help build this new innovative city.
Now we operate under the name The Venus Project
out of Venus Florida.
We invite you to learn more about this positive alternative
at theVenusProject.com.
Thank you for this opportunity.
Again, thank you very much for this award.
On behalf of Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project,
we thank you very much.
That was really inspiring, it’s amazing to see what’s going on there.
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NOVUS Summit at United Nations presents Jacque Fresco award for city design.

48 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on August 10, 2017
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