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  • I am really excited to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie so I decided to recreate

  • Jennifer Lawrence makeup. This look is so easy to do and it doesn't

  • require many products at all. Remember to improvise and use what you already own and

  • the makeup will be just as gorgeous. Start off with an eyeshadow base like a paint

  • pot or an eyeprimer and go over it with an eyeshadow close to your skintone.

  • Take a tape and stick it on your hand first to make the glue less aggressive. Place it

  • on the outer part of your eyes like this. Now you can start patting the eyeshadow on

  • your lids. Bring the shadow very high up on the edges and then blend away. It's better

  • to do this in several steps, if you're not sure how high you want to go. So just pat

  • on and blend out until you're happy with the shape.

  • For the liner I am using a black eyeshadow as Jennifer is wearing very subtle smudged

  • eyeliner. Track the edge of the tape and you will get that perfect cat line. It's so

  • simple! Highlight the blank area below brows with

  • a light shimmery color. Next line your waterline with a black.

  • Now it's time for the trick with the tape again. Place it slightly below the eyeshadow

  • edge like this. Katniss has another straight line extended from the lower lashline. So

  • trace the edge with a black eyeshadow again. Color the space between the two lines with

  • white eyeliner, and apply some white eyeshadow on top to set it.

  • Clean any fallout with your concealer and highlight the teardot area with a white color

  • to brighten up your face. Katniss is also wearing a very subtle gold glitter on her

  • eyelids. So I am taking a hairspray which will be my glitter glue and tapping it on

  • the lids. On top place just a small amount of glitter.

  • First apply mascara and since Jennifer Lawrence is certainly wearing some fake lashes in the

  • movie I am applying mine as well. For me the easiest way is to apply it is using just hands

  • as I feel I have more control than with tweezers. Jennifer's skin looks quite bronzed when she's

  • wearing this makeup so I need to be generous with bronzer on my pale skin. On the cheeks

  • a neutral peachy shade will work great to warm up your complexion. Stay away from reds

  • and pinks -- it's enough to have them on the lids.

  • Line the lips with a neutral shade and apply a nude lipstick.

  • And there you have it, the makeup is complete. Red and bright pink eyeshadow may look frightening

  • at a first glance, but as you can see you can make them look very glamorous and wearable.

  • I would wear this makeup for different occasions like a rock concert or party with friends.

  • I hope you enjoyed this red smokey eye makeup tutorial. Thanks for watching and don't

  • forget to subscribe so you'll be notified when I upload my next video.

I am really excited to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie so I decided to recreate

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