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Hey what's up everybody it's Jeff and Ray from Achievement Hunter,
Ray: Hey! Jeff: This is the "Say Hi To The Internet" achievement guide,
So you know what that means.
What's up, Internet?
"Hey whats up internet"
This is me, Ray
"How you been"?
So what do we do here?
J: Alright, so we are at an outpost my friend. R: we are at an outpost, there's a lot of them
J:I'm going to pop the map in a second.. R: Pop that map J:Like uh.. Like I pop boners.
And there it is right there, by Rock Point Tower.
That little guy right there, I don't remember where it is. There it is in the fucking map, and then were going to go over here
to this little part right here, where there's like a little nipple. Where the tip of the boob.
Just below the nipple. Slightly in the under boob section of that beach.
And then we're going to run over here, and uhhhhh... it's a bit of a ways,
J: So maybe I'll fast forward it. R: It is a jungle out there, Jeff. Not sure if you're aware
It is, It's a jungle in here
And uhh
I don't run into [Nandy Roon] much, but uhh,
I do run into tigers about every 14 seconds,
gotta watch out for that.
And also beach bears. I don't know if you know this, but those are the worst, they are like polar bears on a beach...
And nothing like polar bears.. at all
uhh.. hey it's my apartment
J: check it out R: nice place right there
Hello queens [scoffs]
i didn't realize you grow up in such a picturesque area (laughs)
Yeah, well, you know, queens is pretty big
Are all of these rocks your school friends?
Yeah... And real friends (laughs) yeah, people I talk to
If we make our way over here to the underboob,
You can see there's some dudes
Hey... did [chatos] lynch those guys? Or...
Yeah, [chatos] lynch those guys,
And check this out, there's a knife! That's weird, You don't just see a knife everyday...
we can't pick it up
kitchen knife
you live in a mean streets of
the New York city
the guy is upside down hanged
lemme cut him out
whoops hey it's the thought that counts.
and uh, I'm like... this is interesting
wha wa wha wa
that's a...
it's says uh..
X to interact
was hard to say
Achievement unlock say hi to the Internet
you're sloooow
just one time there you go
Michael is going to do that in 6 months
just watch
maybe i can dig this guy out
uhh well no
you cant escape from torture
uh nope
A for effort tho right?
i've been sitting here and it got me thinking
this looks familiar
head at the bottom
from the treee and knife at the corpse
where have i seen that before
it's the cover
the cover of Far Cry 3
that's Va
and he is hanging out with the
and uh that's pretty clear cool
you can actually go in the game and
find the cover
internet friend
way to go
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Far Cry 3 - Say Hi to the Internet Achievement Guide

177 Folder Collection
jack published on August 4, 2017
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