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- Hey, I'm Dua Lipa
and this is my music video shoot in Miami Florida.
(upbeat music)
The New Rules is quite different
to a lot of other tracks on the album.
- [Spectators] Dua!
- [Dua] I wanted it to feel very new.
I love your eye makeup.
- Thank you, thank you so much.
- It's very dancey.
It's the breakup song I wish I had when
I was breaking up with someone.
It's these rules that, these are the rules I'm going
to set for myself.
This is me taking charge.
(upbeat music)
For the video I get to come to Miami,
which I've never been before and it's beautiful here.
Yeah, I'm just really excited.
- So cool the order of the carpets,
weird shapes in the carpets.
- I've worked with Henry before,
he just has such brilliant ideas.
- If she's like on the bed, then you come around
and you discover the others
and then she goes to the bathroom.
- [Dua] I was just such a fan,
it was really exciting to work with him.
I say a lot of crazy stuff and
somehow he seems to understand what I'm trying to say.
- Yeah, Yeah, the only thing--
- I go all the way back it's just my body.
- [Henry] The first time I met Dua
I said, "She's an artist I really want to work with.
She knows what she wants, she knows what she's doing."
That kind of collaboration,
that's where you really enjoy it.
- For the video, I wanted it to show
that you and your friends are kind of helping each other.
Your friends are the rules.
The ones that are kind of preventing you
from making this mistake with this guy.
- [Woman yells] Quiet on the set, ladies.
- Two hundred and four girls showed up for this casting
in which they have to pick the final seven for the video.
What the director likes to see is a lot of energy
a lot of you coming alive and getting lost in the dance.
- I wanted to show a form of unity, a team.
A group of girls looking out for each other,
looking after each other.
- I'm actually not a dancer.
I saw it was about women empowerment
and I jumped on it as soon as I could,
so when I'm surrounded by all these professional dancers
it was a little bit intimidating.
- Front, so front and kind of sit in it. Have like no...
- I love how they're working with each other
helping each other instead of being
in competition with each other.
- They took me to the side and helped me out
and really gave me a boost of confidence.
Overall it was a great experience.
- [LaShawnna] One, two, three. Is this the last bunch?
We're getting close. It's getting exciting.
- [Henry] We have one more girl.
- She just showed up? - She just showed up.
- A girl fainted and was dehydrated,
had to go to the hospital.
She didn't think she was going to make it today,
and then Henry really liked her
and they really wanted to see her,
so she got in the car
and she had me send a video of them practicing
so she could practice in the car.
- You have to just go out there.
You have to work really hard and believe in yourself.
Then you're able to do whatever you want.
- So we didn't really talk that much
about the main concept of the video in the casting,
but the key to this is
you girls are kind of like Dua's support group, if you like.
You support each other.
- I wanted to show that we're looking after each other.
And that we have each other's backs.
And it was finding all these weird dance moves
that show how close I am with my friends,
with these group of girls.
- Two, big roll, three.
- Teresa, she's super inventive.
She has this, this kind of methodology
where you could take something linguistic or conceptual
and make it a reality, you know, through the body
or through the construction of how
you've put people together to the beat.
- In the very beginning, Dua is kind of,
she's not over it yet,
she's still obsessed with this guy
and there's this series of choreography
that moves through the hotel room
where Dua is like wanting to stay in her sad place
and the girls keep like pulling her out
and eventually we see her kind of like break out
into the world. And that's the pool.
(upbeat music)
- Yeah, it was crazy.
- I'm so excited to be working in water.
I've never walked on water,
so this is really exciting having like the plexiglass.
It's kind of fun to get to play with that idea
of these goddesses floating on water is just like so dreamy.
- I just love it.
That looked so good.
- And then, one of the side things Dua said was
"And I want to put flamingos in."
(bird squawks)
- Yeah, the flamingos were my idea.
Cause flamingos travel in flocks
and again there's a sense of unity
and it kind of just felt like it would be a cool resemblance
but also really visually pleasing.
- [Teresa] The way they move their head,
and the way they move their eyes,
and rhythmic variances that they have
when they're moving in a group.
- I have to go on Wikipedia and search
exactly why flamingos hang out with each other so much.
Just so I could make sure I had a reason
for them to be in the video.
- It's a kind of thing where most people go, "You're crazy."
But I was just like "wicked, that's awesome."
Well, that's a wrap on the girls.
Even though it's a funky song,
I think the core of the track
that you have all this love and stuff to draw from.
I think that message is what makes the track great
and hopefully the video great.
- It's so amazing how music brings people together
because of what they love.
And by being able to open up about really personally issues
I'm able to help someone else feel not alone
and I felt like I was meant to be doing that.
And this song, to me,
strikes me as something that everyone can relate to.
I'm really looking forward to it.
I think, I think it's going to be my favorite video.
("New Rules" plays)
♫ Talkin' in my sleep at night ♫
♫ makin' myself crazy ♫
♫ Out of my mind, out of my mind ♫
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959 Folder Collection
吳宜蓁 published on July 30, 2017
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