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Guy's we were going to make Thai Green Curry.
This is one of my favourite curries,
it's delicious, fragrant, fun to make, and it's so fast,
my family love it.
We were going to go, 1 cup of rice, that's enough for 4 people
And then 2 cups of water, this is the perfect equation for the perfect fluffy rice,
no mucking about, ok.
A pinch of salt, lid on top, medium heat, happy days
I've put another pan on a medium heat, that's getting hot
We were going to make a paste, peel a thumb size piece of ginger
Put this in with your rice, and that then fragrances your rice
So we were going to go in, with your thumb size,
my thumb not your thumb right.
Thumb sized piece of ginger
In to the food processor
Then were going to go in with the lemon grass, now I need to spank it
I just take the top part off because that's tough
and then this part, I'm just going to break that up and put that in
Four cloves of garlic
And then 6 leaves of Kaffir lime
A pinch of cumin
Little green chillis here, out with the seeds
I'm going to go for 3
2 shallots
A nice bunch of coriander
So it couldn't be any easier right? Just bung it in
And then a table spoon of groundnut oil into the pan, it's fairly hot
I'm going to go in with 750 grams of chicken
And also the chicken thigh is tastier
more moist and its cheaper, so we'll fry this off, 8 minutes in a hot, hot pan
In the supermarkets today you can get a whole bunch of different mushrooms,
we've got a Enoki's, king oysters here
But you get those little mixed pack of Asian, oriental mushrooms
Quarter some, we can leave these whole and just break them up into little wads
Look how amazing that is
So I'm just going to push the chicken to one side and then I'm going to go in with the mushrooms
Loads of texture, loads of different shapes
And that suck up some of the lovely fat that's come out of that chicken as well
These little delicate mushrooms here, I'll put those in just at the end
because if you overcook them they'll just go too soft
Now we've got some nice colour,
on the chicken
and the mushroom
I'm now going to go in with the paste
Delicious, fast cooking, I like this
I like this a lot
Straight in with the coconut milk
And I'm using a coconut milk that's light
Just to sort of keep the fats in check
Add just a little bit of water
So give that a little shake
Now in with the mangetout
Now we know that only needs 2 minutes to cook, so that's kind of your timer now
Of course you can use any other seasonal greens
Have fun with it, make it your own. Now that's come to the boil
These little delicate mushrooms go in
2 teaspoons of fish sauce goes in
1 and a half lime
With the Thai basil just on the top, I'll stir that through at the last minute
Wooden bowl for the rice, wooden bowl for the Thai Green Curry
You've kind of got like, ginger tea infused rice
Take out the ginger and then we'll just use a fork just to scuff up that rice
Because what we want is light, fluffy rice
Here my friends is our Curry
Balanced with lime and the seasoning from the fish sauce
Finish with some herbs
What a wonderful dish
More chillis guys, more chillis
It's lovely to see little pops of colour
Thai Green Curry cooked in the time that it took to cook some basmati rice
Look at that
So let's have a little go
Very good, it's got that wonderful sort of tropical flavour, like really really perfumed
Of course you could swap the chicken out for Tofu, go vegetarian, big up more veg
You can swap the Tofu or chicken out for prawns
Really really good
And there you go guys, Thai Green Curry Jamie style
Really really nice, if you want the recipe, click on the details below
And if you want a cocktail to go with this, then go over to drinks tube
and see my friend Dheeradon, where we did an epic Mojito, Thai Style
Click on up there on the "I" box. Until next time guys, take care, lots of love. Bye!
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Thai Green Curry | Jamie Oliver

967 Folder Collection
Katharina Yang published on July 30, 2017
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