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The benefits of TPMS have been recognized on a global scale.
So much so that it has been mandated
in countries throughout the world.
As a result, TPMS in Europe has grown rapidly since 2014,
and it is expected to keep growing in the coming years.
TPMS has proven itself to be a huge profit builder
for auto part dealers and service providers,
but it can also be complicated to manage an inventory
of hundreds of different OE and OE replacement sensors
in the market.
Schrader has made it easier than ever
by launching the market's first
programmable, aftermarket solution
with 100% coverage capability.
The EZ-Sensor 2.0 is available in three different
mechanical packages to fit any rim on the market.
The EZ-Sensor 2.0 is simple to use
and can be programmed in about 10 seconds.
It comes blank and is programmed
to the necessary make, model, and year
of the vehicle being serviced.
Schrader's new universal EZ-Sensor 2.0
can easily be updated with new application codes
and, therefore, is able to cover all existing
and upcoming vehicle systems in Europe.
EZ-Sensor 2.0 was created to be infinitely scalable,
eliminating the need to add more sensors in stock.
The EZ-Sensor is a smaller, sleeker design,
which not only allows the sensor to fit
in more aftermarket wheels,
but it also makes the sensor installation
and removal process easier
and prevents damage to the sensor.
Because of Schrader's more than
50% OE supplier market share,
you can expect the same exceptional
OE quality and performance
in our aftermarket parts,
including new and pending OE technology, like auto location.
In order to offer full flexibility to customers
regarding fitment to all OE and aftermarket rim types
present in the market,
the EZ-Sensor 2.0 offers one functionality
in three different mechanical packages,
the snap-in, the clamp-in fixed angle,
and the clamp-in variable angle.
Learn more about Schrader's
new universal solution EZ-Sensor 2.0
and how we can help you turn your TPMS program
into an efficient profit builder.
Speak to a Schrader representative today.
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297 Folder Collection
蔡宏宏 published on July 28, 2017
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