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So today, we're making a batch of Guava flavoured candy.
The design will have three different colours
white, black and green.
There will be a very beloved animal inside our candy today.
The animal's colour has two colours, black and white.
I guess you can already take a guess at what we're going to make today.
So now I'm mixing in the white colour
which is going to be the face of the Panda and also background of the candy.
The green is going to be the wrap of the candy.
Since Pandas like bamboo a lot, we figured us to make the candy outside green
to resemble the bamboo's colour.
We put in some of the candy in a frying pan...
the reason for that it's easier to control when we have many different colours.
So now I'm about to put the malic acid into the black part.
It's the kind of acid we put in our non-citrus flavours, to make the flavours more robust.
So Guava is kind of a sweet flavour, but we still need to put in quite a bit of the malic acid.
So now I'm going to pour it out.
The candy is very liquidy, that means it's still extremely hot.
It's about 180° Fahrenheit
which is still too hot for us to make a shape with it. So we're going to leave it there let it cool down a little more.
This big piece is also cooling down, so we're going to check if it's cool enough to put in the acid.
We don't want to put the acid in too early, otherwise it will burn and make the candy yellow.
The temperature is about right so I'm going to put in the rest of the malic acid.
Now let's mix it in.
As you can see, the edge of the candy has already cooled down.
It makes it easier to separate.
I need to separate this really quick, and to be accurate.
So later on I'm going to stretch this big yellowish mixture.
We're going to make this shiny and white
by using a technique we call sugar pulling.
So what's she's doing right now, is cooling the candy down with her hands
folding them, making sure it has an even temperature all around
As you can see, it's no longer that soft compared to earlier.
The candy mixture even right now is extremely hot. How do I know?
I learned the hard way. Look at my battle scars. [laughs]
You will be very surprised... we are working with something extremely dangerous and hot.
Right now I'm stretching this big piece on a hook.
What I'm doing is called sugar pulling, candy stretching... many different names
but basically what I'm doing is folding air into the candy
so it will reflect more light
The tiny air bubbles also help make the candy very crunchy.
What I'm pulling is about 6 Kilograms of sugar.
I have to keep pulling this at a steady speed.
This is truly quite a workout.
A few more stretches, we're almost there.
At the end, this big piece is becoming harder to pull, because it is cooling down a little bit.
That's why we have to do it really fast, when we get the chance.
We're done.
Now it's so white and shiny... and it's so fluffy.
This is going to be our panda.
You may ask, why don't we use the hook again? It's too small for the hook.
It will cool down too fast.
That's why she'll do it by hand on the table, while still warming the candy.
This requires a lot of physical strength as well.
I'm just happy to have a break. [laughs]
You may notice the black is no longer very dark.
It became kind of a silverish grey.
But Don't worry, the final result will be very dark, and black.
So now I will start to make the panda. We will make his eyes first.
So I cut a little piece of white, let's get a little piece of black - to be his eye ball.
You may ask why we're only making one eye, when a real panda has two eyes.
Well, in the candy making world, we try to make things that are identical only once.
So later on you can see how we turn this one eye into two eyes.
To make the piece, I'm applying a little bit of water on it.
And then we're going to put the eye ball right in the middle.
Then let's wrap the black with the eye white.
Then roll it out.
Then I'm going to take this black piece right here and make the panda's most important symbol
on his face which is his lovely eye shadow.
So now we're going to make this one bigger.
So we will be able to wrap the eye we just made.
So as you can see earlier, we were sticking two pieces of candy by applying a little bit of water.
Water is really like a superglue when we make candies.
They help two pieces of candy that are a bit cold to stick together.
When the candies are hot they just stick on their own.
So now we already made one eye for the panda. Now we will turn that one eye into two eyes.
It's actually very simple.
When we make candies and we have something that need to be identical but we need multiple pieces out of it
we simply stretch it and cut it into the quantity that we want.
In this case we're going to seperate the one eye into two eyes.
Now I'm going to cut this piece.
So as you can see we've already finished the two eyes of the panda.
For the nose it's going to be a little triangle, downwards
The mouth is going to be a two half circles with black outlines on them.
Like I said earlier, we're just going to make one piece, then cut that piece in half.
We have our panda's inside all assembled.
You may not see the entire panda yet, but soon.
Now we'll just make his face fatter.
Its face is nearly complete, we're just going to make another outline of black, to draw his face.
We have to remember to leave some black to make the ear.
Now... it's big round face.
Now we just have to make it's ear.
Now the panda is inside the roll.
What's left is to make a final wrap using our green.
The reason why we have to constantly roll the candy is that
the table is heated. If we don't constantly roll, the candy will become flat
and the image inside will become disoriented.
So now we're going to stretch this big candy into small pieces that are bitable sized.
Now it's about ready, this is how we make it small! The weight of the sugar and gravity.
Thank you very much for watching the video.
My name is Lin.
This is a customized lollypop made of real sugar.
If you like the candy creations that we have here
you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about us.
All the candies are vegan, and allergy free.
Until next time... have a sweet day!
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How to Make Handmade Candy With Panda Design | Où se trouve: CandyLabs

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April Lu published on August 13, 2017    April Lu translated    Jerry reviewed
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