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  • Aw, come on, ya babies.

  • ♪ I know you've heard it all before

  • Like when I told ya that The dog ate my homework

  • Or when I left it in my other pants

  • And then they went in the wash

  • Aw yeah

  • And I know this story

  • Isn't easy to accept

  • But the power went out

  • And so I over-slept

  • ♪ I had a million good excuses

  • Now they're gone

  • We'll have to cope with the loss

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah!

  • ♪ I've got no

  • No explanation

  • ♪ I've got no

  • No validation

  • ♪ I've got no justification I'm just useless, baby

  • ♪ I've got no

  • No mitigation

  • ♪ I've got no

  • No confirmation

  • No documentation, No excuses, baby, today

  • Milo, I see it!

  • That's great!

Aw, come on, ya babies.

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