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Hey whats going on guys today were going to take a look at 10 smaller mods you might have
Grab the damn mag by monkatraz is a mod we have all been waiting for.
Now we finally have a fix for the clipping issue on stand alone weapon mods.
You will break the sub machine gun animation in the process, but the trade off is definitely
worth it.
Bethesda showed off a ak47 in the newest nuka world trailer, so that might fix the issue
all together, but until then this definitely gets the job done.
Now that your reload animations are fixed why not break something else instead.
Weapon jams bring back the chance of your weapons jamming in combat.
There are a few weapons that are immune to jamming like revolvers and double barrel shot
guns, but everything else seems to be fair game including laser weapons.
When your weapon jams your ammo counter will go to zero, so to unjam it just keep firing
or hit the melee key.
This will jerk the weapon around a bit causing it to unjam and allowing you to put in a fresh
The chances you have a jam, all depend on the receiver type your using, along with your luck skill,
and how many perk point you have in gun nut or science.
I was a little confused on how a laser weapon could jam but the mod author explained it
on the mod page.
He either knows what hes talking about,or he made it up off the top of his head.
Either way im just going to go with it because it sounds like a pretty legit explanation
to me.
One of the best shooters to come out recently besides doom in my opinion was the new wolfenstein.
So if your a fan of that game too, you should check out the mod pandzerhoud.
You can pick this new companion up over at the robotics disposal ground and you get two
version to choose from.
Theres the panzerhound mini which is about the same size as dogmeat or you can grab the
panzerhoud maxi which is as tall as the player.
I do recommend you grab the the mini version though because the maxi version tends to be
a pain especially in interior locations.
Take shelter is a simple mod that i have been waiting for someone to make.
This mod makes the pulowski shelters no longer useless by letting you use them as save points.
All you have to do is walk up to them, close the door and the game will automatically save
for you.
If your someone who likes to play on survival this is definitely a must have mod in my opinion.
Hopefully someone will come along and make them usefull during radiations storms too.
Scrap-O-Tron 2000 is a handy mod that you should have at everyone of your settlements.
You will find this new machine in the crafting category and once you place it down you will
see 4 buttons that all do different things.
The first button is the input all junk button, this button will take all the scrap able junk
out of your inventory and place it into the machine.
If your worried you might loose something useful by accident the second button can be
used to sort though your junk to only take out the common items instead.
For example it save my baseball for i can make a grenade out of it instead.
Once everything you want to scrap is inside just hit the third button which will break
the items down into there crafting materials and deposit them into the lower compartment.
Once there all broken down all you have to do now is hit the forth button, which will
place them all into the settlement workshop for you to use anywhere.
In my last mini mod video i covered the mod orphans of the commonwealth by which adds
20 new child settlers.
Now with the mod school desk by frogprincess you can build a school to keep them occupied.
This mod adds 5 new desks, which come in red, blue, white, yellow and green along with 2
new desks for teacher.
They all function just like workstations so all you have to do is assign a teacher to
there desk, then assign each kid to one too and if your lucky they might sit still.
Solar panels adds two new solar panels to the workshop so you wont have to listen to
those annoying generators.
The first new solar panel provides 3 power and can be mounted to almost any wall.
You wont be running anything major off of it, but its enough to power up the lights
in whatever building you place it on.
The second solar panel is the solar panel rack which provides 5 power.
This ones really use full for powering up turrets that are placed in odd spots.
You can either place them on the ground or top of buildings and if you need a little
more juice all you have to do is daisy chain them together.
The next mod isnt exactly realistic, but as soon as i saw it i knew i needed to have it.
Hubris comics restoration brings the store back to its former glory.
There new custom textures for the displays and every magazine from the game is on the
shelves for you to pick up.
But i have to warn you if you have made it to hubris comics yet just be careful walking
though the door.
The former employees are still there and since nothing is static so one misplaced grenade
can cause the whole store to be destroyed in just a few seconds.
The mod author is working on a static version though so hopefully that wont be a problem in the future
What i would like to see a version that gives me a empty store, that way i can collect all
the magazines myself and have a nice play to display them.
Theres are a few mods for skyrim that add museums so you can put all the things you
collect on display and this just seems like the perfect place to do something like that.
Publick Occurrences Expanded is a nice immersive mod that adds 10 new newspaper articles covering
the adventures of the sole survivor.
When you complete a major quest just head over and talk to nat.
She will then hand you a paper that summarizes the quest and they all change depending on
the outcome.
All together theirs over 5000 words in total and the author plans on expanding the articles
to cover some side quests too.
Its best to use this mod on a new game though so you get the articles one by one.
But if your already deep into a playthough like me, you she will just hand you them one
after another.
I really like mods like this because its nice to see people actually acknowledge my presence
in the wasteland.
The last mod i have for you is called bountiful boards.
I felt kind of dumb when i saw this mod because i didnt even realize they existed.
But after reading the comments on the mod page it made me realize i wasnt the only.
If you didnt know there were bounty boards either theirs actually two of them in diamond
The main bounty board is located on the wall right to the left of the Swatter shop and
the secondary board is in the hall way when you walk into Dugout Inn.
How i managed to walk by these boards so many times and never see them is beyond me.
Now dont get to excited, because theirs only 2 bounties in total and once you complete
them all there gone for good.
But luckily this modder came along and made them all repeatable along with adding 4 new
quests for you to try out too.
Hopefully the mod author expands on this in the future, because this mod definitely has
alot of potential.
One thing id love to see is these boards put in settlements.
Ive always loved the way quests were handled in the witcher and it would be great to have
that same feature in fallout.
Hope you enjoyed the video guy let me know in the comments which mod is your favorite.
Thanks for watching as always and i will see you in the next showcase.
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Fallout 4 Mini Mods #6: 10 Mods You Might Have Missed

384 Folder Collection
kathy123 published on July 25, 2017
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