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- Hi, we're the Try Guys.
I'm Keith, and I'm hot.
- I want that to be my new catch phrase.
(upbeat jazz music)
- Imitations!
This is my dad, he's here.
We're gonna imitate each other.
- We're gonna imitate each other.
- Dad, are you good at imitations?
- I can not do that.
- Great.
- [Zack] Ring, ring, ring.
- Hey. Zack, how are you?
- No, you're Zack.
- Hey, dad.
How's it going?
- Hey, Ned, how's it going?
- Hi, dad!
- Hi, Eugene.
How are you?
- I'm fine, can I call you back?
I'm really busy, I'll call you back.
- I'm just so busy at work, there's so much going on.
I'm doing five videos at once,
and I'm writing something, and I'm editing three more.
I was up all night last night.
- We got this new video idea we wanna try.
- Oh.
- We think we want you to be in it.
- Oh, me?
Gosh, I don't know.
- Are you exercise?
Are you eat?
- Thank you, I have to go.
- Okay, well, I'm gonna give you back to mom.
- Cool.
- Okay, so, good bye.
- Dad, I'll call you back.
- Okay.
- Bye. - Okay, bye.
Oh, that's sad when I hear it back.
I'm sorry. - Then you never call back.
- Oh, this is my dad whenever we go anywhere in public.
Brenda, Brenda, Eugene, look at that tree.
What a nice tree.
- When my dad meets my dog Bean,
he gets a really high-pitched voice.
"Hey, hey, Bean.
"Oh, you're just a little dog, huh?"
- He just kind of stands in front of the TV with his arms,
you know, like this.
We'll just ask him, "Do you want a seat?"
And he's like, "No, no, I'm just walking in and out."
- Oh, oh look at that rock.
You see that rock?
- That is true.
- That is a nice rock
- Here's Ned with Bean.
"Beanie, Beanie!
"Oh Beanie!"
- That's what you do around Bean!
- No, that's what you do!
- No, you're like, "Aw, aw!" - No you do it!
- I would never do that.
- I've seen the whole thing, I know the beginning,
he's the guy with the thing, it's great.
- When he was a kid, he was really shy.
- Eugene, Eugene. - I'll be there in 10 minutes.
- I want the candy.
- No, Zack, come on, we have to go.
- I want the candy, no, I want the candy.
(laughing) - [Zack] Zack, Zack!
- Hey Dad. - Oh, hey Keith.
- Let's play Frisbee. (sighs)
- Eugene, it's been 10 minutes!
- I'll be there very soon.
- Zack! - No!
- Zack, get up! - Dad!
- Zack. - Dad, stop it.
- Zack!
- I'm not that bad. - It happens every time
when we're gonna go, he's doing hair, he's still doing it?
- Yes! - Oh yeah.
- Ned, I just need you to listen, Ned, no, look.
- Now, you know, other people have feelings.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Oh sorry, that was a bad word.
- That's a bad word. - Yeah, yeah.
- Sometimes people's feelings make them
say things they don't mean.
- Feels like he's like Pika-chu!
I'm sure you get that reference.
- Yeah. - Yeah, chu.
- I cannot do it. - Do an imitation.
- I cannot do it.
Hey this is Keith, you're watching the Try Guys!
- Today's video is about dads imitating their sons.
- And let me tell you, it's so cute being a father.
- It is important to talk about my wife.
- Do it. - Eugene, I'm your dad,
I cannot do it, you have to listen to me.
- Okay, this is the whole point of the video though.
♫ Shower time, shower time, show show shower time,
♫ Shower time, shower time, shower time, shower time
- Up, wake up. - I'm still asleep,
just a moment.
♫ Shower time, shower time, show show shower time
♫ Shower time, shower time, shower shower shower time
- Zack, wake up.
♫ Time to wake up and start your day and go to school
- Go away.
♫ Get straight As.
♫ Shower time, shower time, shower shower shower time
♫ Keith, it's time to get up
♫ It's time to get in the shower and clean up
♫ It's time to get up, it's shower time
- Alright. (laughs)
- I don't think we ever did. - No.
- We haven't had that talk yet.
- Yeah, I'm still waiting. - Zack is still young.
- Eugene, if you have sex, you must be careful
with disease and your penis.
- Whatever you do, just make sure you use protection.
- And if you do anything with butt,
know about anal elasticity.
Tell me I'm not lying, that's true, right?
- Anal sex.
- Have you seen me sad before?
- I don't know that I have.
- Actually the only time I've seen my dad cry
is he loves the musical Rent.
Dude, trust me, I agree.
- Keith, seriously, you don't like Rent?
- He loves Rent.
- The only time I remember Ned crying, really,
was when my, his grandfather's funeral.
- Yeah. - And he was really broken up.
- Yeah, I mean, do you have any impressions of your dad?
- You know, he was stoic, to me, he was the greatest guy
in the world, the greatest man in the world, so.
- I never met your dad. - Well that's another thing,
I grew up without father, I don't remember his face,
only picture I have, very old, yellow picture, I can see it.
So for me, father figure is very different.
- I hope as we get over that, concentrate on getting over
sadness rather than dwelling on it.
So that's why it's kind of hard to figure
how to imitate each other on that.
♫ One, two, three, four
- We don't say I love you very much.
- Very few.
- I kind of feel like he never says it on the phone like
everyone else, I feel like lots of families always do that,
we're just kinda, are aware of that.
- Well we say it a lot.
- You have two versions, it's either the quick,
"Alright, love you," or like, "I love you."
- You spend more time analyzing me than I.
- The funniest thing about you dad, the way you hug people
is like the most delightfully nervous hug I've ever seen
(laughs) anyone do
and it's like this, oh nice to see you, okay.
And then just gone.
- I love you. - I love you too.
- See, I told you, he does the sweet one, I told you.
- I love you, Ned. - Love you, Dad.
- Well we know we love each other.
- Yeah, that's true, we know it so we don't have to say it.
- I love you. - I love you.
- Do you wanna keep shooting this video?
- No. - Okay, you wanna stop?
- Right. - Okay.
- Can you enjoy imitating? - No.
- Come on, can you try it? - No I am your dad,
you listen to me. - Oh, that's bad.
- That was you! - I know.
- It's okay, it's okay.
You're not an actor. - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
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The Try Guys And Their Dads Imitate Each Other • Fatherhood: Part 2

18936 Folder Collection
Viola published on July 25, 2017    Viola translated    黃艾瑄 reviewed
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