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Hello,ladies and gentlmen
Sober is here for another episode of minecraft theory
If you miss the last episode of minecraft theory, don't forget to check it out by clicking here
Today we will talk about soul sand
So here we go!
Take a look at this image
This is the texture of the soul sand
I believe most of your eyes are attracted by these little holes on the texture,right?
We just can't avoid to imagine that these holes are the silhouette of three faces
That makes sense because of the theory of first episode
Lots of people died because of a massive disaster
Then these faces are the faces of those unfortunate people.
Is that it?
Of course not
Other than Wither skeleton skull, soul sand is an important element of building a Wither as well
Wither skeleton and Wither are undead mobs
And soul sand contains of dead people
Don’t you think that is weird that everything I have mentioned is related to death?
Another thing to mention is nether wart
It can only grow on soul sand. No light,water and bone meal required
And we can use it to produce potion to make you more energetic or wither you
It’s about life and death again!
Last but not least, killing a wither can give you a nether star
Nether star is the core of the beacon
It gives you the ability to move faster, heal faster, break faster, jump higher, hit harder, etc
No death this time but still able to make you more energetic
It seems like soul sand can achieve quite a lot of things about life and death
But what exactly is soul sand
Wait a second, the name could mean something
Soul sand
Is that means soul sand really contains of soul?
If that is true, then everything can be explained easily
These souls that stored inside the soul sand give life to the wither
That can even explain why wither have to sort of charge up
because the soul need time to activate the power with wither skeleton skull
And the power of the souls also make nether star and nether wart
have ability to hurt or heal people
But of course, there are quite a lot of problem with this theory like before
Such as ,why can wither generate some explosive stuff?
How about the slow effect when you walk on the soul sand?
just a warm reminder about the last epsiode
Desert temple is most likely related to creeper because of the chiseled sandstone
Next, one of the developer of minecraft said a new type of temple will be out very soon(I should say maybe)
And it is related to wither because of this chiseled red sandstone
This temple may be the key to unlock the mistery between the second and this episode
Be the way,look back at the theory I have shared with you guys
I am so surprised that these three episodes of minecraft theory are starting to link together
And it seems like it is forming a complete theory
Anyway let’s look forward the day that we finally work it out
Okay, this is the end of this episode of minecraft theory
Hopefully, you can like or share my video
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I am now one of the partner of Freedom network. Hopefully, they can help me on growing the channel
Oh be the way, check out my first animation in here
And I will see you next time
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Minecraft Theory - The soul of soul sand 《當個創世神》- 靈魂之沙

220 Folder Collection
吳仲塏 published on July 24, 2017
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