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Hi, uh, nice to meet you guys, I'm Anna.
Hi, sorry in advance if I have to ask you all your names again.
Oh my god, me too.
Don't even get me started, I forget a name as soon as I hear it.
What's her name? Ha, I don't even remember.
Oh, I have a really great trick for that.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, all you have to do is, imagine saying the person's name as you shoot them in the head.
Yeah, watch. Uh, what's your name?
Eh... Brandi.
Did you just imagine shooting me in the head?
Yes, and I will remember your name for as long as I Iive, Brandi.
I don't...know, that's kind of weird.
Kind of psychotic sounding, to be honest.
Yeah, I don't know if I like people to imagine murdering me just so they remember my name.
Oh, well I mean I read it in a book once.
Chill, chill, chill. Books are chill.
You read! That's surprising.
That actually makes it kind of cool.
Yeah, right?
Ok, my turn. Eh, what's your name?
Ok, ok. Now me. You?
Oh my god, this is so much fun!
Let's go meet some more people!
I'm Anna Akana.
What's your name?
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How to Remember Names

28582 Folder Collection
jenny published on July 29, 2017    jenny translated    李依庭 reviewed
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