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  • - [Dexter] Well, hello my name is Dexter

  • and here's what I know about Pikachu.

  • Pikachu is an electric type of mouse Pokemon

  • if you want to know about what that would be

  • in our world imagine a mouse, now imagine

  • that mouse was yellow and looked absolutely nothing

  • like a mouse.

  • That's how you get to Pikachu.

  • Pikachu actually looks more like a sellable franchise mascot

  • it has bright yellow fur, brown stripes

  • and black tipped ears and a ziggety zaggety tail.

  • Ziggety zaggety becomes a real world.

  • Who writing these Pokedex entries?

  • You may have also noticed that Pikachu has big red cheeks.

  • These are in fact electric patches it shares them

  • with a seemingly increasing amount of other rodent Pokemon.

  • And when Pikachu gather together

  • they can create thunderstorms.

  • Pikachu is actually the most popular of the Pokemon.

  • And this might be due to his status as the companion

  • of a trainer who is

  • wait why is that trainer famous?

  • Has he completed any Pokemon leagues, negative.

  • Legendary Pokemon court, negative,

  • all of the Pokemon court, negative.

  • No, I'm not sure why that trainer's famous.

  • That's said Pikachu's popularity may just be due

  • to how adorable it is.

  • Look at that little face.

  • There's our joke in my files, Pikachu what don't you want

  • your Pokemon to do while you're in the shower?

  • Peek at you.

  • In less you do want your Pokemon to do that.

  • In which case that's kind of strange.

  • Remember Pokemon masters next time you're out and about

  • playing Pokemon Go make sure to take a Pikachu at you

  • it's much cooler than one of those external power banks.

  • A special thank you to the supporters of Patreon

  • that keep this Pokedex running.

  • This month the biggest supporters are Jody Powell's

  • (mumbles) Custom Masters

  • Thank you.

  • - [Ash] This is Ash Ketchum you just watched a video

  • by Bird Keeper Toby.

  • That makes you a Pokemon master.

- [Dexter] Well, hello my name is Dexter

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Pokedex Parody: Pikachu

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